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Nintendo Ds


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Errr. some what off any :offtopic: subject, but felt compelled to buying a Nintendo DS. Don't ask why, but got sneaky suspion that on E-Bay i'll get a mint for it. Not yet released over here for some months.

Any takers? :blink:

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I had one a few months ago from Hong Kong. Much cheaper over there (UK RRP about £130), and even then they are imports from Japan.

I thought about making a buck or two, but couldn't be bothered in the end.

What games you got? They are a good laugh though... for the first few weeks...


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is the nintendo any good then??

the PSP does look amazing

i had my PS2 9days before it was released coz i know the guys from a gaming shop but iwasnt allowed to tell anyone, only invited all friends round and tried ringing to register it but guy thought i was takin ***** as not released "just yet"

aint payin top money for PSP though, i'll wait a bit

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The DS is impressive in specs, slighlty higher than the N64 home console!!

DS is in actual fact, thrashing the PSP in sales, both in America and Japan. To say that they have sold over 2 million units since launch is amazing. Took the iPod about a year to reach.

As scarface would say, "bang goes his new business venture "

Cheers for that!!


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PSP is kicking there butt, Nintendo have issued a profit warning for this year looking like they will be next to go to software only like SEGA

Still made quite a bit of profit though and a lot of that profit comes from their handheld hardware. If they stop any hardware it would be the console but they are still working on their next gen console so it won't be just yet.

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You guys go with what ever you think but the writing is on the wall for Nintendo.

You lie like a cheap watch!! Nintendo will pull something out of the bag. It's just these Brit suckers who like to make Billy Gates richer. As a company though, I can't stand Micros :tsktsk: it. Over hyped, over priced, unstaible junk. They guy didn't even write the first Windows software.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. He bought the program from some computer nerd who thought there was no future in the desktop system.

Cough cough, going well :offtopic:

Point is, Nintendo will nver do a Sega because unlike them, Ninty sell there systems by the bucket load in Japan and America.

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I got both a DS and a PSP

the PSP is outstanding to look at and it really makes the DS look dated

but Ninteno have had the handheld market to themselves for soo long that They know what they are doing

and Nintendo make the worlds best games.

PSP is nice but there is only 1 game that I actually want to play on it at the moment

I have around 7 DS games and all of them have been fantastic and fresh.

hard to say at the moment, But I doubt Nintendo are "againt the wall"

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