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i finished dyno tuning my car with the emanage...

everything is set already - a/f ratio, ignition timing and eveything...

my problem now is that when im cold starting, my car wont start

we trace it down to the emanage.. when we unplug the ignition harness of the emange and plug the stock ignition wires it runs perfectly but when we put back the ignition harness of the emanage it dosent work again...

what seems to be the problem?

need help please...

i dont know if the emanage is broken or the ignition harness is faulty

to start if the ignition harness of the emanage is not wired correctly it wont start at all in the first place but it did..

sometimes it works sometimes its not working and theres no error in the emanage its lighting up orange not red

any advices? how to fix this problem...

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Go here they should be of some help,

But if i was you i would take it back to who did the fitting and dyno run on your car,

:question: why have you played around with the ignition timing for, ;) as it will not do much if your car is not running Turbo or S/C :yawn:

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we still dont know so i just unplugged the ignition cable...

a very weird problem

im just using the a/f controll of the emanage...

do you have the E-01 as well!! as this is uesed to set up the timeing, if you just have Emanage you can not play around with the timeing ;) i dont think anyway

, please put me right if im not :yawn: )

as the Emanage is just for A/F but Emanage + E-01 or Profec E-01 is for setting up any thing you like on the car.

all so did you set it to the right jumpers before it was fitted :yawn:

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cant you adjust the ignition timing on a laptop without e-01?

cuz my tuner played around with the timming with the greddy emanage program

yep you are right you can use laptop, :blush: i forgot all about that me bad,

But unless you are running a turbo or S/C its not going to do much, and i take it you do have one of the E-manage Ignition Harness to set it up.

the only thing i can say then as to why it has not worked is the guy that set it all up dont know what he is doing, ;) see seting up Emanage any one can do that as its not hard but to setup timeing you have to know what you are doing or you could :tsktsk: you car up if its not setup right.

all i can say to you is reset the Emanage, then just setup the A/F :whistling:

Let us know how you get on with the Emanage, as that is what im useing and my one has been good from day one :winky:

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its properly installed according to my installer...

but the thing is i encounter the same problem over and over again..

just thinking of selling it

Whats the Problem you keep geting over & over, ill try to help if i can mate :winky:

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