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just been looking at this post regarding the needles

i have full surface mount soldering equipment (electronics workshop) and by the looks this looks like an easy fix to me.

So easy to remove,?. any special way to re fit em back to dashboard? mentions calibrating.

any one out there got any old nackered needles i can play with? or is it a track to the breakers

if this works ok i could offer service to rest of the group


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looks simple

got a few pics of origional needles. i think hardest thing might be "gutting" an old one, but just had a thought though other day my speedo needle light up then went out , so i think the leds are ok (if origional ones use smd devices), these things are hard to blow.

With the heat they produce , i think they might dry jointed themselves so to speak if so its a find the crack, voila light again

just needs some test needles

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