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Led Lights

Keith Bowler

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Can anyone tell me if LED based lamps for car lamps are street legal.

I have been perusing this site and there are some interesting goodies there.

Is there anyone using these lamps on their Lex.

Advice welcomed.

I can't see how they can be illegal, as the new 3 series bimmers .... have LED ltail lights as standard ... so I'd say they were legal, however - I'll find out for sure from work ........ stand by on this one mate. :duh:

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@ Scarface, a lot of the guys on here buy blue LED side lights - Mat & Zee both have blue, think Mat's are the PIAA Blue and Zee has PIAA White / Blue - that's why they're not legal mate...

Not sure about the white one's though, think the advice is that the LED side's aren't supposed to be for street use :whistling:

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what does the MOT require, that should tell you if they are legal,,

i think your find that whilst you can use leds at the rear as in brake and red side lights, the front ones however need to throw out enough light as per a headlight.

as for ultraleds,, ive used them loads and Rob how owns the company is great to deal with..

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I suppose an MOT tester could fail you if he's clued up on bulbs and spots that you've got LED ones fitted. AFAIK there are no E-approved LED bulbs on the market.

Vehicles with LED lights as standard will have their lights designed to meet the E approval (right direction, viewing angle, colour, brightness, etc.)

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