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Who Has The Highest Mileage Lexus?


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Hi All.

I found a 236,000 mile Lexus LS400 for sale and I could have had it for £2601. It seems to me (with full lexus history every job done at the dealer, new suspension, cam belts plugs etc... ) a decent ride for the cash.

Mileage puts some folk off but what kind of mileage are your longer serving cars showing and have they been trouble free thus far?

Looking forward to your feedback.

Shaft :question:

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My Euro spec 2001 IS200 has just over 100,000 KM on the clock (about 70,000 Miles) and have never had any real problems/issues with it.

Can't speak for the RX400h as that only has 3500 miles on it at the moment... ask me again in 4 years time ;)


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I did a quick search on autotrader and there are lots of cars for sale around that price range with 80-100K miles, so doesn't seem to be that cheap, because even a Lexus can have things go wrong

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My LS had 172k on it before it was written off. Not trouble free, as it had been clocked, and it was closer to 272k in reality. There is a dude in the US who ran his LS up to 550k, but his daily journey was driving 160 miles on a straight road at a constant speed to his apple farms.

These cars are notorious for clocking, as they wear so well (particularly interior trims). Watch for worn steering wheel, and worn out driver's seat!

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