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Bluetooth Connectivity

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Does anyone have a solution to this?

I have succesfully registered my Motorola V3i with Bluetooth connection to my RX 350 SE-L. However, when I switch off engine, leave then return to car, the phone is not recognised on startup.

I then have to go into "register" mode on the Sat/Nav/Phone system in the car again and set my phone to find the RX connection. The two then pair (without having to type pass code)

According to handbook etc, provided Bluetooth remains powered up on phone; Phone set to handsfree (car) and SAt/Nav/Phone in the RX is set to receive my registered phone. This should be automatic.

I have the both the car set-up and phone set to automatic bonding.

Could this be a fault or just a drawback with the Motorola ?



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The other thing to check is that you allowed the connection to occur automatically (Setting on phone - well it is on Nokia's) this will allow the car and phone to reconnect with each other automatically on start up without intervention.

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Thanks both, but no joy.

Tried to connect before leaving for half hour journey and still no "handshake" between SatNav and 'phone. Checked again and phone is set to connect automatically.

No great hardship but just a pain.


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I had the same problem with my Nokia N80. Car + phone set up correctly & yet for three or four days I had to manually connect each time.

I powered off the phone whilst in the car & re-started it & that was it!

Each time since the car now automatically recognises the phone.

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If I remember, the RX350 I tested last year (at launch) had the similar MLS set up to the new IS.

On the IS forum's, the V3 (newer edition) has been identified as a "problem to pair" phone, so i doubt it's anything you're doing!

It's time to change phones I fear :blink:

- try a SE - they seem to work best, but avoid the P series ones :blush: !

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