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One For The Fans Of Lost


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I was re-watching season 1 episode 3 of lost for about the 5th time (cuz im such a geek) and I Think I found what the producers said most people had missed or overlooked from the first season. if its what I think it is it could be HUGE !!!!. anyway here's a link to the scene where i saw it. see if you can spot it, cuz im damn sure I wouldnt have noticed had I not been looking for it.

Lost Picture Clue

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Interesting stuff mate, the Dharma logo is on the plane itself!

Huge thread here :

31 pages though so I ain't got through that lot yet!

OK, not sure, here's another pic dude:


Supposedly the powers that be reckon it's not a Dharma plane, you know what those folks are like though, they'll chance the story depending on whether they get another season, or wrap it up quick like they did with Alias when that didn't do too great in the ratings :(

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Saw the ending coming. Probably after reading this post. This program to me seems to be getting a bit too out there. I wouldn't be surprised if Darth Vader pops out one of the hatches in a future episode.

I think the story line is starting to go all over the place and the program is suffering because of it.

Roll on Heroes :winky: Anybody know where that has disappeared to lately? I dont think the first series has finished yet?

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