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Supercharger Fitting


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Two cars are going to be fitted with superchargers on the 14th April :D

If anyone thats thinking of getting one, and fitting yourself, then you are welcome to come and see how/what to do :D and meet the lads :D

If anyone just wants to come and have a chat/meet all welcome, 2 pubs just over the road, and do food too :D

Place ....

Charlesworth Motors

7 Marple Road



SK13 5EY

Open at 9am :D wanting to get cars done asap, as both off down south when fitted :D

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Oh man, I had way more than that yesterday, finally found my drinking shoes, out at 3 on an all dayer, got through loads, but just couldn't get drunk for love nor money!

It's very wrong :D

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Must admit I was out last night and I'm clutching my head at the moment. The fact that my vision is a little blurry and still have the essence of donor (meat :)) on me, proves to be that it was a good night me thinks :D

Sorry Gord, but I won't be able to make it sadly. Was hoping to pop down, but I've been roped in to paint the boat. Sorry mate, was looking forward to coming down as well.


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How does adding a SC to the IS affect your insurance policy?

In Ireland, where I'm from, the insurance company would hand me a jar of vaseline and

tell me to bend of the barrel.

The IS200 is a bit sluggish, but I'd say it's great with a bit more poke

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Depends really mate, think it added a few hundred quid onto mine, can't really remember now as it was a while ago I had mine!

The cars with greater than 300bhp in the IS shell are awesome, you get the power and the handling, makes a lovely package :D

Who's going to this then?

I need to pop to Meadowhell so will pop over on the way back I reckon!

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Was great meeting everone today!!!

Nice to meet Gord, Lee Iceman, Raj and AJ and his missus

All top peeps.

Just waiting for Raj to donate his M3 to me LOL

Roll on the 29th will be a great day if the weathers like this

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