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I have a Lexus GS300, and I am thinking about replacing the rear brake light bulbs with LED bulbs.

Do i need load resistors so the warning light doesnt flash up? Or will I be ok without?

Has anyone out there tried putting an LED bulb in a Lexus?

Does it show up a warning light or not??

Anyone out there?

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Yes I have. Cost me £20 for bulbs and £90 a month later to replace the rear light clusters as the load resistors melted through the plastic inner letting in water and causing condensation to form in lamp casing.

Had similar problem with LED sidelight bulbs, heat from load resistors damaged plastic around headlights.

If you can find a way to mount the load resistors so they do no damage you may be lucky.

I was unimpressed.

By the way without the load resistors you will get the bulb out warning on the dash.

Having said that I still have leds in my reversing lights but heat from load resistors is negligible. Only downside is that bulbs are not bright enough to see where you are reversing in the dark.

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Yep, I have fitted rear LEDs on my Mk II Aristo and yes the warning bulb lights up. Our electrician tried fitting a 25w load resistor....after about 10 seconds it became too hot to handle, apparently it is designed to mount the resistors to the body of the car to dissipate the heat... have since exchanged the resistors to 50w but have decided to live with the warning lights on now....just occasionally check whether any real bulbs have blown.

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