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Man, I surf most weekends and can fit 3 boards in my Civic with the rear seats down and two in the front comfortable. Bikes occasionally too so really need the drop seats.

Mate is getting 27mpg at the mo', throw some boards on roof on a rack and mpg will plummet :(

Expensive on long surf trips.

NUTS :tsktsk:

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take up snow boarding it would be worth it

In Ireland, yeh :blink:

Guess you are bolloxed then, buy a VW camper van :lol:

My bro is resoring a '64 splitscreen VW at the mo' so be a few more months before we're cruising in that

This is what you want then. Give you the extra power as well.

IS300 Sportcross in Galway

Rare car especially in Ireland.

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Well i have big feet so my wide board dont fit through my hatch so bought a set of thule areo bars, takes seconds to fit them and lockable so it cant be nicked.

Plus using this method it keeps your interior nice and clean!

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Even worse on the IS250, still no fold down and no Sportcross either. EVERY other manufacturer makes a 3/5 door for Europe, but I guess Lexus aren't bothered about Europe and instead want to stick with the US rich teenager market segment the IS is aimed at. Hatchbacks aren't popular over there.

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