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Finally, I Have My Sport!

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Was there to pick her up yesterday, bright n early! :D

She was parked up there just looking at me. I could see she wanted to come home with me! 10 days since I last saw her, so it was a really early start because I couldnt know how it is!!! :winky:

Brought her and gave her another see she had flies on the front and I cant be havin that!

She drives like a dream. Will have some pics for you guys real soon.

Thanks again for the help since I joined you guys. I am sure you have saved me a few quid! :D

Tell you what...scarlatti red looks great in the sun!!! :winky:

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Cheers guys

Shak, i used to live in sunny bolton. It still as great as ever?

Im hoping ill get loads of life out of it! cost me enough! :winky:

aright jamie, yep its still great here, very sunny too!!!!. Only been here for five years, was originally from Milton Keynes.

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thats great mate congratulations......................i wonder how long before you get bored and want to modify lol enjoy!!!

lol! hopefully it will be a while mate, cheers! :blink:

got save some pennies for it.....though i could change a few little things!?

NOOOO!!! its started! Cant get the mod bug! :winky:

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