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Wax Review

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Thought I would spruce up my paintwork with all the glorious weather we are having.

Gave her a metallic t cut then applied sum P21's carnauba wax.

I was like OMG this stuff is amazing.

no white chalky effect easy glide on buff off and the paintwork well it was like showroom shine if not better.

well recommended. and not too bad for 20 quid

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yeh the p21s stuff if the dogs dangles, reminds me i need to order some new stuff.

@ jay m - last time i got some i got it from (, cant remember) think there my be a link via this forum if i remember correctly

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sorry not been around fro a while, yeh i will put up some pics in the near future. ive been trying to source my next car :-)

i still need a paint pen, can you walk into lexus and buy these things or do u have to order them?

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I used the Megs Deep Crystal system at the week end. The first bottle is really wierd as it leavs the paintwork squeeky like something has been removed. The Carnuba wax itself is so easy to use and leavs a beautiful finish.

The paintwork had been neglected last year and had developed a slight blue haze on the black paint but I fell in love with my car all over again, it looked just like it did when I first picked it up

By the way, Halfords had a special on the Meguires three stage system as you bought three bottles and paid for two so I think that I shall splash out on some Megs leather cleaner

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If it's pure Carnuba (or Carnauba), then you have to remember that it is a "soft" wax and will come of easier too. You need to buff off anf then allow 24hrs to harden between each layer...the more you layer it the better the depth of shine.

Have a look at my previous post on this if you haven't seen it before (A year has gone by):;hl=carlack68

The crucial thing here is that I have applied only 3 more coats of p21S since then, and the car is immaculate...still...tho' it's garaged every night, washed once every 7-10 days, and has done 10,000 miles, but has a few stone chips on it...

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Owch... Typo noted :blink:

Many years ago I used to use Megs Mirror glaze 16 on my Rover SD1 It was a blue paste wax that we used to use for waxing the tooling for epoxy/ carbon fibre/ aramid fibre mouldings. It was used because it could withstand the temperatures that the tooling was subject to. Don't seem to be able to find it any more. Made even a Rover look good and feel oh so smooth

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