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Tvr Chimaera


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I was in Stafford last week and caught up with one of my old mates who's recently bought a P reg Chimaera the baby TVR with the smaller 4.0 ltr engine.

They only have around 280 bhp but weigh hardly anything so they are quick ... very quick!! :o

They are a basic car no abs no power steering no traction control but it is a drivers car!!

So different than the IS too drive but so much fun!! :D

Anyone else been in one of these or the bigger TVR?

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There nice i'd luv a Cerbera speed 12 :D

I was quite suprised at how much the tamora are to buy ,very affordable and very quick for a 3.6 but couldn't get my daughter and partner in at the same time? I wonder if they do a roof rack for a child seat... :D

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I absolutely love the TVR range, always saud I would have one in my early days of sports car ownership but after speaking with my uncle and a few other peple and discovering the reliability issues of them that sort of changed my mind.

I would still give them the benefit of the doubt though and probably will do at some point.

I much prefer the Cerbera to the Chimera and Tamara - that and the Speed Six.. phwoooooooarh! :)

The new (hmm) Sagaris and T350 are absolute animals though and completely stunning with it.


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