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New Headlights


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good effort, why didnt you take out the orange indicator? would look even better

Ye i realised that after i had sealed up on of the headlamps! no way i was goin to go through the hassle of seperating them again! doesnt really bother me :whistling:

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Sprayed them black added some halo rings. Im well happy with them :winky: Might stick up a tutorial soon on how i did them

They look great Dan! Glad they went to a good home/project.

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are you planning to do the fogs? i tell you now i bet the are harder to do that your headlights. im having a right pain with mine. why do they put bolts in the most awkward of places

What bolts you talking about?? The 2 10mm bolts holding the fog lamp in place?? Was planning to do the fogs at some stage too.

@ Jamie: Took me a about a month doin a bit here and there. I had a spare set of lights so i was in no rush to get them done. You could probably get them done in a day or 2 if you wanted. Guide to follow :winky:

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