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For The Tank Lovers....

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well, some have been and seen what i work with, which was the old equipment, updated over many years.

heres some footage of the new equipment were are getting in service now......infact my place is thge only place still using the old chieftain variants....

"embrace the modern age".....these are the most advanced Tanks in the world currently

will just have to think when the next open day will be.....


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Are these special purpose tanks Mat?

Are there new combat tanks too (with a gun turret)?

These are the new assault engineer tanks we have, that have replaced our aging Chieftain engineer tanks

one is a bridgelayer, which can lay a 26 meter bridge in just over 2 mins the other is the battlefield assault tank used for mine clearance, and obstacle clearance,

these do not have turrets fitted

they weigh over 60 tons and have a top speed of around 50mph

these vehicles are very loosely based on the challenger II battle tank which is a turreted MBT

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  • 2 years later...
link has broken, but these are the tanks that were on Top Gear a short while ago.....

maybe another interest day should happen when im settled in

you know what, i have missed my tank adventures

looking forward to meeting them again :)

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