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C West F Bumper

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Hey there everyone,

Just wanted to know if anyone from LOC has fitted the C West front bumper? I would just like to see some decent pictures of it fitted. I have looked at the manufacturers website and there are some pics, but I'd like some "real life" pictures of the bumper fitted...

Even if you have not fitted the bumper, but have pictures or know of any around on t'internet please post up.

Many thanks,


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im sure i read on here that American is200s are slightly different in size..something to do with crash bar in the front. American counterpart has to be larger in size than ours. Ive been looking around for ages in the body it for the is200 and i find that we are quite limited to what we can have compaired to other car manufacturers, and the C west kits is the only one i like. Do they sell them from the UK?

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yeh I believe Rod had ordered a body kit for a US IS300 to go on his IS200 but found out it needed cutting down as the US models are wider due to US safety regulations, if I can find his thread i'll link it, altho i'm sure J already knows abou it


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Yeah, I was a little concerned about measurements etc, so any other info would be appreciated.

The other thing I was wondering about this bumper is the front fog lights, as there appears to be no housing....

Thanks for the images, those are the ones I had seen, but was wondering if there was a member that had maybe fitted it, along with the fogs etc - possibly gaining an insight into the problems encountered.


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