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Somebody Please Help!

Rich OB

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Hello all,

Have a real bad problem, short story is, car been standing for some time, Battery died, jump started it and when leads were connected

there was a spark - bought a new Battery today fitted it and certain electrics aren't working

- all dash gauge's, speedo, fuel, rev etc

- taillights, reverse lights (hazards working indicators not!)

- Wipers, washers

- Air-con heater and radio

- Elec windows, mirrors

Certain things are working, interior light, door lights, headlights, indicators.

Now checked all fuse boxes and only found 2 blown, replaced and others appear fine so what else could it possibly be!!??

Driving me mad as want to get car back on the road!

Hope someone can help!! Thanx!

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a jump start shouldnt have blown fuses, and its quite normal to have a spark when connecting/disconnecting jump leads - unless something else was touched with the leads?

Exactly what i thought Rob, just can't work it out, also the gear selector doesn't work unless i use the overide!

Just thought someone on here would have some suggestions or something else i could check on?

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Ok still no luck with this!

I checked the 120amp fuse but how do the block fuses come out, have a little see through cap on top and that comes off but doesn't feel like the actual fuse wants to budge.

Anyway can anyone recommend a place to take the car Dagenham, Essex or what i can do as i can't even drive it the way it is!! HELL!!

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