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My First Rockauto Order


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After some recommendations on here I made my first order with RockAuto parts in the U.S,on Monday morning I ordered some service parts for my LS,

1 Air filter

1 Oil filter

1 Fuel filter

2 Dizzy caps

2 Rotor arms

8 Denso iridium long life plugs

1 Denso lead set

all for £224 inc VAT & priority delivery and my parcel arrived today just after 12,I cant believe that in 48 hrs I had my parts and every thing was present and correct,now that's what I call a fantastic service and price approximately £100 cheaper than I could find over here,well chuffed.

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Sounds like amazing question, when you say including VAT are you including the VAT and import duties we get stung for by HMR&C.....or did your order slip through without the import charges?

Best regards David

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I payed via Paypal and when it went to checkout the VAT was added,so I'll take it I would have had nothing to pay as I payed the VAT already to HMR&C ?

Here is the copy of my invoice

RockAuto Order Confirmation

Order 1348909

Monday, December 15, 2008 12:01 PM (Central Time)

Ship To: Bill To:

Ken MacRitchie Ken MacRitchie

1996 LEXUS LS400 4.0L 3969cc V8 MFI (H) [1UZFE]

Part Number Part Type Price EA Quantity Total

BECK/ARNLEY 0421501 (042-1501) Air Filter (8421.31.0090) $ 12.10 1 $ 12.10

BECK/ARNLEY 0431008 (043-1008) Fuel Filter (8421.23.0090) $ 15.29 1 $ 15.29

BECK/ARNLEY 1746989 (174-6989) Distributor Cap (8511.90.0090) $ 14.46 2 $ 28.92

BECK/ARNLEY 1737978 (173-7978) Distributor Rotor (8511.90.0090) $ 5.75 $ 0.00 2 $ 11.50

BECK/ARNLEY 0418183 (041-8183) Oil Filter (8421.23.0090) $ 6.12 $ 0.00 1 $ 6.12

DENSO 6718143 (671-8143) Spark Plug Wire Set (8544.30.0090) $ 84.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 84.79

DENSO 3297 Spark Plug (8511.10.0090) $ 8.17 $ 0.00 8 $ 65.36

Shipping International Priority $ 58.18

VAT (# GB922956503) $ 42.34

Order Total $ 324.60

Exchange Rate from USD to GBP: 0.6677

Thank you for paying with PayPal Express. Your order will ship when your PayPal payment has been processed.

To check order status or get return instructions, please visit (NOTE: All returns require authorization--parts do not necessarily go back to the location from which they shipped!)

Please click on the part numbers above to check the RockAuto Advice Wiki for other customers' installation tips. After you complete your repair, please return to the Wiki and add your advice to help others.

Please print this page as your receipt.

Thanks again for buying your auto parts at RockAuto!

1-866-ROCKAUTO (1-866-762-5288)

(608) 661-1376

Fax: (608) 836-5694

Well I will be using them again in the new year for some suspension parts and I'll see what happens then.

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Looks interesting....I had no idea there was any way for an American (worldwide) seller to pay the VAT contribution to HMR&C all in the original invoice...I have bought many, many watches from overseas and it has always been pot luck if I paid duty on import, and some of these purchases were from very well known stores.

Whatever way it was paid still looks like you came up trumps. well done that man!

Best regards David

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Via FedEx,as soon as I placed my order you get your order number, you can login on RockAutos web page and they tell you where abouts your stuff is in their system and as soon as it says shipped you get a email with your FedEx tracking number and their page tells you everything you need to know and on that page it tells you your delivery date and it was Wednesday 17th before 6pm,but you can select normal international delivery or priority as I did, so I'll take it it was the correct delivery time

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Seller cannot pay the VAT and should not charge unless they have a fiscal presence in the UK/Europe - Shipping company can pay the VAT/Duty on customers behalf and bill them for it on their account though for example.

In addition to VAT, Duty should also have been charged on the shipment

Ken - If you give me the AWB # I can check out for you -

PS - Before 6pm commitment is correct for your postcode.

Edited by Mark W
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Whilst Rock Auto continue to ship with the "Shipper" paying for all D&T's - then as the consignee you have nothing to worry about - You pay what you pay direct to the seller - Whatever the D&T's are.

Its when companies send items and list the consignee is responsible for D&T's that you need to worry. You would then get a call from the courier company on arrival into the country stating what D&T's were payable before they released the shipment.

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That is correct but doesnt apply in this case as the value of the CONSIGNMENT is over £105

Its just that according to the tariff heading that these parts were entered, duty is payable at 0%

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