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Sunroof Regulator/actuator


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Hello there,

Does anyone know where the sunroof regulator is located? I have been told that the sunroof needs a new actuator/regulator and I would like to know where is located and how much it would be roughly? How hard it is to change it? Thanks

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What issues do you have?

The connector can be a bit odd at times. Take out the interior courtesy light and you will see the ECU just above and to the front. unclip Disconnect and reconnect.

Also, it is fully current sensing so make sure your runners are clean and there are no obstructions in the sunroof movement.

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Have a look at this diagram, that shows where the sunroof components are located. I presume that they're talking about one of those bits in the roof, though I don't know for sure.

Thanks mate, I've had look yesterday and called the guys from Lexus as well and it seems that the regulator should be towards the back I tend to believe that as I could not see the regulator in there at all....unless is missing hence the problem. No regulator, no sliding roof I guess :blush: . Do you guys think that it might be different?

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