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Tte Supercharger

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Since the IS200 is such a rare car in Sweden it's quite easy to keep yourself updated on which ones are for sale. There are currently 61 IS200s for sale, but one of them caught my attention.

What I first noticed is that the car is fitted with the 18" TTE rims and obviously lowered. I know these rims have never been sold in Sweden and when I looked up the license plate number I discovered the car was imported from Germany, where the TTE superchargers came factory fitted as an optional extra.

Importing cars from Germany has always been popular here since their prices are a bit lower and the cars are better equipped. This one has the cloth interior, so I've got a feeling that there is some other reason why somebody imported it back in 2002.

The only supercharged IS200 that I know of (in Sweden) was imported from Germany, has the same TTE rims and is lowered, just like this one.

It belongs to a 44 year old lady and I'm not sure if she even knows about the supercharger.

Now, is there a way of telling whether or not this car is fitted with the SC from the pics? I've tried to contact the owner, but with no success. I really want to SC my car.



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Just had a play with some photoediting software and after playing with the brightness and contrast there doesn't appear to be anything right next to the grille as the intercooler would be :)

As you can see in this pic it would be right up against the mesh if it was there:


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