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Is 200se Cd Mechanism

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Does any one have any idea how straightforward it would be to swap a cd mechanism from a working cd unit to a non working one? I have been quoted approx £140 to do this but I have a basic knowledge of electrics and have removed my old audio system. The replacement unit I have is not the premium model as it is from an is200 S rather than the SE.

Also what are anyone thoughts on replacing the OEM with an aftermarket unit.



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I took my broken head unit apart to get the CDs out of it (which were otherwise stuck inside). It was a 13902 bottom-loader. The CD unit was sort of separate at the bottom, in that it was connected together with screws etc to the top section, but there were of course electrical connectors between the two. Are they the same model of head unit that you're thinking of swapping between ?

Even if it the same model (and therefore should be no incompatibilities) then the currently working CD unit will likely fail at some point (since they pretty much all seem to do so). If they're not the same then I would imagine there's a good chance of incompatibility.

Personally I wouldn't bother, and I'd just get a new aftermarket unit as Stav suggests. At least that will have a warranty. That's what I'm doing with mine (see my separate thread).

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I'm sure it could be repaired, only to break down shortly afterwards....

If it is fit for the bin, I would suggest having a go at repairing it, after all what harm can you really do ?

Either that or maybe try the Grom adaptor for plugging in an iPod ? I don't know if that is possible with

your particular unit (check for compatability) ?

If not there is a facia that can be made for Single or Double DIN aftermarket Head Units, then easy

swap out really (ISO for MR2 as Stav suggested).

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