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Newbie From Norwich


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Hi there everyone, iam new to the lexus world i had been looking at is200 for a while as my MR2 MK1 was no longer practical for me and the missus. I was a member of the MR2 owners club, had lots of fun with those guys and they were very helpful when there was a problem so fought id do the same with this car.

Last weekend i brought my first lexus via ebay and am very happy with it. Its a IS200 SE (manual) in gun metal grey on a T plate with 113k on the clock with full service history. On the 100mile drive home i couldnt get over how smooth and quite the ride was. Today i gave it to my mechcanic to give it a service, cambelt change and give it a once over as it was off ebay. He gave it the thumbs up to say its in great condition and i should'nt have to worry about a thing.

Anyway got a few questions for you guys.

1) is there a service manual haynes or a PDF as i do most of my own work apart from a few jobs like cambelts and head gaskets!

2) If things do go wronge where the best place for parts (price) i know it prices range around the country.

3) the last thing is the central locking doest work via the remote, if i change the Battery will i have to re-programe it? Will it affect the immbolisser?

Cheers hope to hear back from you guys soon.

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Welcome ! :D

1. There's an online workshop manual here, which you'll find very useful.

2. It's always worth getting a price from Lexus/Toyota. Also try places like CheapToyotaParts and Japarts. Also try your local motor factors for Blueprint parts.

3. No, if you change the key fob Battery it shouldn't affect anything to do with the locking/immobiliser.

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