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Hey All

Chris Munro

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Hey eveyone, new to the site. Bought myself an IS 200 last week and loving it so far. Looking to make a few mods to it, nothin major but the wheels are quite badly corroded, i've heard its quite common. Was looking to get some 18" Sport or the chicane model. Does anyone know a good dealer for them?

Cheers, Chris

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Hello and Welcome to the LOC Chris :D

The Chicane wheels are pretty hard to get hold of now as i think the dealers have stopped selling them? but there are plenty of 18" wheels about for the IS200's and there was a dealer selling some of the 18" Grand Stand alloys on ebay in the week there a bit like the chicanes but without the screws going round the rim? Not sure if there still onthere though :unsure:

I got the chicanes on mine that i brought from one of the members on here a couple of weeks ago :D


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Cheers everyone. Yeah il hopefully get some pics up this week once i can give it a good polish. I saw some pics of your car aztecbandit1, and thats how i knew about the alloys, think your car is mint mate!! il check out those other ones too. I also like the altezza style ones, il havr to have a good look around.

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welcome mate im a new owner also , loving every minute of it this place is damn handy for info.

I notice your just up the road in Aberdeen im from Nairn..

Arite mate, yeh I've been part of a few car forums, they're all jam packed with usefull info and tips, this one seems the best so far ;-)!

Have u got any meets up your way?

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