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Increasing Bhp Is200

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Ok im another new member looking for some help.

I have been looking into some info on here, and by the sounds of it there is no easy way of Chipping my IS200 unless i send my ECU to france or summing. Can anyone clarify that for me? I have also been told that an induction kit will make no dif, as the onboard computer will automatically adjust airflow etc to componsate whatever air filter is fitted???

So what is the best alternative to get gains in BHP without swapping the engine out, or sending bits of my car accross the world for a few weeks????

Any help would be much apreciated!


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I wouldnt bother with the Rechipping mate, theres only one person ive heard of had it done and there was never a Dyno produced to back it up.

The best route with the IS is a TTE supercharger kit mate. though their hard to get hold off.

Jay_m has one for sale at the moment in the Buy and sell section.


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You will get tiny, probably un-noticeable, performance increases through things like an induction kit, catback exhaust, decat, etc.

For any serious increase you're going to have to go down the supercharging (e.g. very easy to install TTE kit if you can find one), turbocharging (typically very complex) or engine swap (e.g. 3S-GTE, 1G-GTE, 2JZ etc) routes.

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There is someone on here who says their car has been dyno'd at 165BHP with cat-back, induction and a camcon (AFR + VVT-i tuning box). Have not seen dyno though. I'd say you could probably see 170bhp after chucking in as much money as a TTE supercharger which would give you a bit over 200bhp. Problem is getting hold of one..............

It is possible though - This came for me today :D Just wish i had the rest of the kit already.

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