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Remote Central Locking/key Problem/question


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Hi guys,

Sorry if this is has been covered, a quick search didnt answer my problems, so i thought id ask.

Basically i bought my 2000 IS200 about two weeks ago. I was only given one key, which has a lock and unlock button. Now i can only open the car via the buttons. If i try to manually open the locks (even the boot) i get nothing! Does that sound like the barrels have been changed or something like that? It does start the car fine ofcourse!

The key worked just fine when i got the car, locking and unlocking from some distance without problem. However ive come to use it the past few days to find it'll only open the car when real close! Does this sound like the Battery needs changing? And if so, can someone point me to a suitable replacement? Or does this sound like something else? Being completely new to anything that doesnt have a VW badge on it, im clueless. :blush:

This is something im keen to sort out, being locked out of my car on a winters morning does not sound fun and could be a reality . . . Anyone know what my best/cheapest way of solving this is?

Edit: Actually guys, Ive just put the key in the drivers door and turned it counter clock wise - it does unlock the car (setting the car alarm off half the time though) but wont lock the car and wont even fully fit in the boot barrel! Im finding this all very strange!

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Youve only got the valet key.

NEVER lose it!

you should have been given a three buttong key that has a boot opener as well thats the master key.

you cant use the key youve got to program other either so your always gonna have only one key!

your key wont open the boot lock or glovebox.

also them link wahid has given you wont be much help cause youve no way to program the new key, unless you pay lexus for a whole new set of locks.

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Thanks guys,

Superb assistance! ^_^

Any ideas on what a new set of locks would set me back?

Im guessing swapping the Battery in the valet key will sort out the distance problem?

Im gonna try and contact the former owner, see if he knows what happened to the key!

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