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How To Clean Mucky Headlight Lenses?


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Hi all, I have been through the forum and not found a definitive guide for how to polish up the headlight lenses. Mine look like they've been sand-blasted and the light from the front of my car is not great. I want to get HIDs now christmas is out of the way but want to clear the lenses up first. Can anyone offer a complete guide on how to do it (with minimum expense as I'm a bit skint now) and maybe offer step by step instructions and/or images?

Many thanks in advance guys

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use brasso and a soft cloth.. it will take some time but it works

Great thanks, I bought some brasso after reading bits on the forum but was unsure what to do with it. I thought I needed to get a polisher or something to do it. Do I need to remove the headlight or just polish with it in place?

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I used G3 cutting compund and a buffer. Only because i had both.

Done this a few times now, can get great results :)



to this


I was using 1500 then 2000 grit on the lights first, the rest of the yellow was inside the Supra headlight.

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