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Angel Eyes


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alot of people on here use the kits that are for sale on eBay theres one on there for around £60 which seems to be the one people go for.

as for the angel eyes dont like them at all i bought a lexus if i wanted them i would have bought a bmw but each to there own again u can get them from eBay.

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if your goona go through the hassal of fitting angel eyes u might as well see if you can make them more custom thats what i would do try something different.

like i said have em if you have a bmw but you went jap for a reason and thats because there better and with more extras dont lower urself to the bmw LOL.

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If you're looking to spend a bit of money these might do the trick:

picture click click click

ebay page clickage

Don`t know if u got these lights sean but I bought dem and they r a big no no! for a start they don`t fit the is200. They`re meant for the 300 and the alignment brackets r different plus u have to make sure the light focus is the same. Is300 focus is the wrong direction compared to europe. Now u can chop the brackets to try and fit but u won`t be able to send dem bk. I`d b quicker to get angle eyes before getting these lights. Just my opion. Cheers

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