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How A Simple Mod Can Turn A Little More Expensive!


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Today I recieved a small present in the post, new rear smoked fog lights. so I thought i would fit them. here is the before pic...


and after...


While I was at it I thought I would remove the TTE badge as there is nothing TTE on the car, and also remove the Scotland sticker as I am not Scottish. This is where the trouble started. the badges werent on there cause somebody liked the look of them....


Looks like a trip to the body shop for me, dont fancy spraying it myself!

Other than that quite happy with the results, will be even better with the smoked rear lights.

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They look really good on your car, toyed with the idea myself as i've got dark side repeaters, but I think dark fogs would be ott on mine as its red, so they'd just clash with the tail lights I think, I do want to have my spoiler brake light darkened somehow

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I probably wouldnt have minded if he had told me. I dont think it's going to be massive money to sort out which will be a bonus.

Asi, your not far from me. Can you recommend anybody to sort this out for me?

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Where did you get those rear fogs, they are impressive!

Also after the dark repeaters if you can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance

Thanks very much, I picked them up off eBay. heres the link...

according to the advert they also do side repeaters and tail lights in the same finish. But I can't find them anywhere in their store.

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