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Depo L.e.d. Brake Lights

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I am thinking of installing these soon and wondered what steps I need to take to prevent the dreaded dash board warning lights popping up as I have experienced this in the past. Also once I connect these to the existing bulb holder do I push the wires in the housing and secure the bulb holder as per usual??

Pic taken without flash

With flash

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Yes I know they just plug into the existing bulb holder but I wondered do I just leave them as they are or do I secure the bulb holder to the brake light housing. I am worried if I don't water may get in.

Any details/links on the sort of resistors I will need?? Any information you can give will be appreciated.


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OK I will try them first. I had problems with the first set I bought some 5 years ago and they were replaced under warranty as some of the LEDs failed but they were also showing a dash board warning light at the time. I actually bought them from a LOC member trading on eBay (Scorcher), don't know if he is still a LOC member. So these lights are new but I have actually had them for 4 years and not used them so the questions is I don't know if they do have the resistors built in. Once fitted I will let you all know how they perform.

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