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Unsure Of Locking Wheel Nuts On Is200 Se 17" Alloys

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Hi Guys

On the Wheels of my IS200 the locking wheel nuts seem to stick out slightly from the other bolts. Looking in the little plastic box with the car

there seems to be a standard sort of unlock key and a 2 pieces of black plastic. On the bolt itself on the wheel it seems to twist in both

directions. IS this some sort of cover that needs to be removed, if so how do you get it off ? On 3 out of the 4 wheels the twisting occurs but

the drivers side front it wont move at all, is this going to be a problem ?

Thanks for any replies

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Sounds like the standard lexus ones to me ... 'triloc' type - not sure if that's spelt right.

If so then the 2 plastic bits should fit together - 1 goes through the hole in the other ...

Then the combined plastic bits will push over the silvery wheel nut cover.

If it's a tight enough fit then pulling the plastic handle bit you just made should pull the silvery cover off too.

Not sure if that bit of waffle helps :duh: but yes the spinning round bits are nut covers which need to come off.

Good luck ...


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I always wondered what the plastic things were for lol, I just used my socket to get them off and then spent about ten mins gettin the nut cover back out of the socket lol

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