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Hi guys,

i am new to this forum and i would like to ask for support and advice because i am only hours away of buying my first Lexus model is 220d. I attached two pics with engine of the car i am buying and same model, same year but engine looks a little different. The one i am buying is named "without". If you look at the one named "with" you will notice a part between the engine cover and Battery. Looks similar ABS box but i am 100% is not that. This part is missing on the picture named "without". I don't know what is this part and i am really curious what is it. Car is running in perfect condition. Is imported from The Netherlands, year 06/2007, km 114000, Luxury model.

I really appreciate your support on this matter.




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the missing part on second pic is the additional heater (eberspacher). It helps to heat the cooling fluid up in winter times, so I definitely recommend to take it with it if you live in areas with temperature below 5°.

For about 700 euros you can enhance the system with remote control, so 15 minutes before driving you turn it on and you sit in warm car ;-)

PS: I have been twice in Romania (motorbiking). It is beautiful country.

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Thanks for reply,

I was thinking is Webasto but you clear my mind. I have purchased the is already. So far i have drove for about 60 mins in total. Yes, auto is totally different than BMW or Audi. Something my opinion better. I also added pics with car.

I have so many things to learn about this car. First i need to find an English manual. Auto was imported from the Netherlands and everything is in dutch.

Take care,











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