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3-3.5K What Would You Do?


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Hi Guys,

Last year due to an accident lost the IS200 that I owned for 3 years trouble free motoring, since then be car sharing with my dad but back in the market for a car now.

Obviously this is a Lexus forum just wanted opinions. Must be capable to seat 4, reliable and not to thirsty like the Lexus (although i only do 5k year in miles) max budget is 3.5k

MK4 Golf (1.8T or V5) – seen some good ones for 2.5k on 2002

E46 318I or 325iSE saloon

Saab 9-3 (Not that keen but looks good in black the newest car seen 2004 models in budget)

Honda Accord 2003 2.0 sport

Do not fancy another IS200 although have noticed they have come down in prices

Any recommendations guys from the above or something else you might recommend



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Agree, totally. What I do is way up the purchase price against the running costs. So if you find a IS300 that is a tad cheaper than your other choices it helps pay for the extra petrol. It is all a question of the maths. Be careful with BMW though. My brother in law has had to pay BMW silly money to cure odd things since he bought it and the run flat tyres are awful.

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Don't fancy an IS300, as its an auto.

Do want to get the newest car possible within my budget. I am leaning towards a MK4 golf V5, seem reasonable priced and like the look of the interior nice place to be in.

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Why worry about thirst with such a low mileage? Will make a few quid a week differece if that - other costs of running the car will be much higher

I'm new to the Lexus fold, but just spend 3500 on an immaculate 2005 is200 sportcross :)

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