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Battery Drain Solution For £30 !

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Just found this solar Battery charger that fits into the EOBD port, located under the fuel flap button.

Looks like it could solve the prob of Battery drain when parked up for long periods, and also gets around the issue of the cigarette lighter not being a permanent live.

I have only had my 08 plate for a few months and not yet had a problem with the Battery, however it has not been left for more than 2 days without a run.

Just ordered one so I am ready for when it is left whilst away on hols.

Bargin for only £30 and it is AA branded.

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I have just upgraded from an RX300 to an RX 400h, but are concerned by what i have read about flat batteries, and are trying to find a way of avoiding it.

I am considering buying an AA 2.4 watt solar charger plugged via the ebd socket . Has anybody used one of these successfully when away on holiday, so not using the car ?

I dont want to disconnect the Battery or remove fuses as this will invalidate the insurance as the alarm wont function.

Any advice is appreciated.

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I brought a solar charger that plugs into the EOBD socket about 10 months ago and it works great. I left my Lexus rx400 for 3 weeks in a Gatwick car park with this plugged in and the car started first time without any problems. The car park was outside, I am not sure how good it would be in a multi storey car park.

My son has an Audi A3 and works abroad for several weeks at a time and when he returns his Battery was always flat just a click from the starter solonoid. He borrowed my EOBD solar charger and hasn't had any problems with the car not starting since. I brought him the AA solar charger you mentioned as an extra xmas present so I could get mine back. I got mine from Granada batteries but I see they are out of stock.

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thanks for the info, thats really helpful. I have found the one you bought on another website (although the price is £55). That one (IPC)has 4.3 watts of power, whereas the AA one only has 2.4 watts, so i presume the ipc is a better choice, although its more expensive ?

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I wonder how widespread a problem this actually is...

- Does it affect all cars, whatever the year of manufacture?

- Is it directly related to the age of the Battery?

- Are specific models more affected than others... what I mean by that is whether this could be linked to specific equipment like the SatNav?

Obviously, people who have been affected by this problem will justifiably be vocal about it, but could it be that it is only a tiny percentage of hybrid owners, in which case it may not be worth worrying about too much

Does anybody know? - just trying to put things in perspective...

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If you research this topic here it has been an issue for many years - indeed since all the cars were in the hands of their original owners (and thus much newer) which is very much not the case today.

It has nothing specific to do with age, build date or RX variant or equipment so far has been established thus far. It is very much to do with cars standing for protracted periods and their individual states of charge and equipment.

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I am sure the AA Solar charger at 2.4W will do the same job as the ICP at 4.3W. This is more a Battery maintainer than a Battery charger. It is just replenishing the small drain on the Battery from the alarm and all those clicks, hums and buzzing sounds when you shut the engine off.

I have a 1.5W solar charger from Maplins that keeps my 36 year old VW Camper trickle charged over the winter, obviously it doesn't plug into the EOBD socket as these weren't invented then and there are no electronic gadgets draining the Battery. My camper is covered so the solar charger is left outside in the rain and horrible weather all winter and the blue light on the solar charger fashes away when ever it is light.

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