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V8 Soarer.

Bob King

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Hi Guys/Gals,

Hello from a new member and potential owner of a Soarer 4.0 V8 :) .i did start lookig at the 3.0GT but decided to go for the V8 instead :D .

I have lots of questions, but i'll stick with just a few for now, my pet hate that has come from import models, is the speedo conversion, as the Soarer has a digital speedo ,do the conversions from kph to mph also include the odometer ( as when i had an import some years back ,i found this a real pain ).

Last question for now ( good,i hear you say :winky: ), is what problems do i need to look our for when buying a V8 ( if any ), I've just bought this months issue of Japanese Performance Mag, and it has a bit on "Buying a Soarer ", so maybe most of my question have been answered, but any extra help would be appreciated,



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hi bobby k

you will find that you get used to a digital speedo very quickly at least i did , you will also find that most if not all soarers have trips in km. however for every 100km think 60mls, not rocket science!

just treat it like any other car , ask the right questions, check out that all, and i mean all the electrics work , check out the air con , if in doubt get the aa or rac to give it the once over the results which ever way ,will be worth it

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three different types of suspension on the V8 model. be sure if its air or adaptive that you can live with the bills if it goes tyts up...

ENgines are real tough. do a search on milage and you'll find a thread about half million miler or it might be a million miler actually. be sure the cam belt(s) have been done though...

Welcome to the club! and ask Admin (steve) about them. He has just bought a twin turbo Soarer!


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After my bit of research i found myself looking for the following

the top tank of the radiator can get brittle and leak

Power steering pump problems

Blinky dash where the computer display fails

On a personal note which i would always check is for smokey start ups, sludgy under the oil cap.. not only cream but actual thick gunged oil

When car is cold i always like to check the coolant... if this looks clean around the rim and stuff.

Basically i look for good maintenance. You can tell this sometimes by what brand of tyre is used.

I collect mine next week so i might be able to tell you more then! :winky:

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The odometer will be in Miles from the point of entry into the UK. This means you have to find the certificate that tells you how many KMs it had on the clock on import. Divide that by 1.6 gives you the mileage equivalent. Then add on the difference (what the clock reads now) and you have your proper mileage for the car.

Things to look for in the V8;

1) Bushes - all of them. The drive should be smooth and silent, check it over bumps and round corners, any noises suggest bushes may need replacing.

2) Power steering - should be silent also, a grinding noise suggests the system needs bleeding and possibly a dextron topup.

3) Headlamps - after 10 years these tend to go yellow and mist up. They are cleanable however, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty and putting the lamp in your oven! They come up looking like new (see

4) Alloy wheels - the original ones are terrible, buy one with good alloys to start with and go for 17" or 18" if you have to buy them yourself

5)Engine - Anything that sounds stressed leave well alone. The engine in the V8 is one of the best ever made and should sound quiet when idling


Check dash is bright clear and doesn't blink!

Check no warning messages appear (Japanese)

Make sure the EMV (screen) is in good working order

Check the electric motors for the seats work ok

Hope that helps!

PS look to pay 5-6k for a good condition V8

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