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  1. so can I have yours for free Barrie ?
  2. Hmmm that's an idea... Lexus Premium Parcel Delivery Service - Parcel Delivery in style
  3. Welcome to LOC matey, don't forget the pics !!
  4. Is that an impression of Vanilla ICE Rob ? :o
  5. Just caught up on our progress Dave. You're a nutter 360 odd bhp would normally be enough for most people, I look forwards to seeing it in the flesh :D Just one quick question, will you ever have enough of the addictive drug called "power" ?
  6. looking good mate especialy from the front, but agree with Stav about the rear lights :o
  7. What a view !! Great photo's, thanks for sharing :)
  8. I'd suggest an HKS Super Drager, but they are like Unicorn do-do so ignore that, BlueFlame or Janspeed would be a good way to go :)
  9. He deserves everything he gets TBH. It would be such a shame if he parked there again and got a puncture on some screws :tsktsk: or of course the Police took some action against him :D
  10. I took 2, both from the same position, in case one didn't come out..... Adrian I hope you took plenty pf pictures :D I hope the pressie keeps the Clan happy mate !!
  11. So only myself & Mr Mole took photos ?
  12. DJ Wozza


    I am fairly sure that is his reg no.
  13. Hi Adam, this pic may help if you wire in the HKS FCD Std The wring is as follows HKS FCD to Car RED to RED BLACK to BLACK WHITE to YELLOW YELLOW to GREEN Your IS200 is looking great matey, I remember that bumper, looks awesome !! Great to see you back on LOC :D
  14. TTE Red's are getting very rare, unless you can get some used ones I would suggest the C-One's as above :)
  15. It's funny as I don't seem to have experienced this "flywheel judder"
  16. Sounds OTT pricewise, £2,000-£2,500 would be a fairer deal if you can get it :winky: Kenmac is the one to ask about bargain LS400's
  17. Welcome to LOC Lee, Kenmac would be one to ask as he's had 2 bargain LS400's so far :)
  18. yer chicken !! It was getting from the M1 to Wandsworth that was the hard bit :tsktsk:
  19. Very sorry to hear of your loss mate, I feel for you.
  20. Great to see you all :) Thanks to Rabster for taking your soldering iron :D Thanks to Stav for delivering my new toy (car's looking great Stav :)) Thanks to Mrs Mole for the cakes/confectionary (Mum loved them !!) Thanks to Steve for a peek @ the magazine Thanks to Gord & Yeldarb for bringing the re-badged German Lexus Thanks to all who turned up, veterans, regulars & newbies in fairy poor weather I'm just sorry I had to dash off and couldn't spend longer catching up with you all. It took 2 hours 47mins to get to Wandsworth, The M1 was busy but not too bad really, the traffic was simply terrible when I got back to London Here is the picture I took
  21. If anyone wants to run round me a few times @ the Meet on Sunday they are welcome. No charge