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  1. Hey there, The 2jzge-t kit has been done by many different companies. I have no experience with squint and I almost took the plunge myself on a is200. Only reason I didn't was because like you twigged, it's potentially more than the value of the car. But this shouldn't be the decider in my opinion. The amount of fun in return could make it worth while. Depending on how mechanically minded you are, how about buying the kit and DIY at home with kids help? (If you have space and everything needed to install). The squint kit is very tempting at the prices they are. Btw you'll get better feedback from the supra forums. These ones are pretty dead. Good luck..
  2. Hi everyone! I have a 2004 IS Sportcross that I'll be tracking for fun. Nothing serious, just a little hobby I've always wanted to start. First day event is the indy circuit at Brands Hatch next month. Car is completely standard. I need to fit tow eyelets/hooks onto the car front and back in case the car needs recovering. I've looked in the boot and the moulding has shapes of where I guess the eyelets would have been but obviously not there anymore. Even if they were there, I wouldn't know where to put them as the car doesn't have those little square cutouts to reveal the thread to screw into. Under the front and back of the car, I can see what look like locations to attach a hook to pull the car, however they don't protrude enough to clear the bumpers if a rope was attached. Therefore when pulling the car from these points, it would press against the bumper unless the mounting point from the recover car was just as low. Does anyone know if there are other towing points on the car? Ideally ones I can buy an eyelet for and screw into? Many thanks!
  3. Thought I'd jump on this thread instead of starting another thread. I purchased some Bosch replacement wipers according to wiper The passenger side was fine. The drivers side fits ok, but hits the bonnet. I've tried everything but it will always hit the bonnet. Wiper refunded the drivers side which was good. Thinking of getting flats but worried they are visible when the wipers are off? Can anyone confirm? I don't want to see the clip when the wipers are in the rest position. Thanks 2004 LS
  4. I had the very early road hawk on my aristo. Hard wired in, it never left me with a flat battery even after 2 weeks of not driving. I've now got a blackvue with front and rear camera, plus wireless to my phone. Tested it and works great... Just need to find time to hard wire it in.
  5. Hi, Yes, the memory for the radio stations does stay. It's quite strange. I'll pull some fuses over the weekend. Thanks
  6. Hi, Bagged a ls430 mk4. For some reason whenever I turn the car on, the audio speaker settings fade to the rear speakers (slightly to the right) and bass, mid and treble are at max. I change it all down to centre but whenever I turn the car off it jumps back again. (If I turn the radio off then back on, it keeps the normal settings) I've saved the settings (as in memorised it as a user) however this doesn't change anything. Am I missing something? The manual doesn't seem to cover "presets" and if you can change them, Thanks
  7. I like driving a thirsty lexus because I like emitting carbon dioxide. (the other gasses are an unfortunate by product) Well someone needs to feed the trees!
  8. Soooo the audi is gone and I'm itching to see cars!!! Can anyone confirm what lights should work and when? I've seen videos of US cars and they all light up and then some more when they brake. I'm thinking the EU ones are not the same? Only bottom row light up with side lights and top row on brakes?
  9. Lexus have said I need the previous owners permission before they will tell me what has been carried out. I asked if I became the owner, will they be able to tell me and the answer was still no.
  10. Sorry, forgot to mention its a UCF31 54 plate facelift. It's priced quite high. Autotrader recommend £3.5k for private sale. I think I'll check it out again and try haggle the price down. It needs tax, a cambelt is due. Thanks for the comments.
  11. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they are going to write it off. Since the insurance company are involved I wouldn't worry about the lights or suspension. I'd be worrying about the pay out.
  12. Hi folks, Thinking of returning to the fold. Aristo is long gone, had a couple of fillers in between and the current audi will most likely sell this weekend. There's a indie dealer with a ls430. Priced at £5200 no tax, in gun metal grey with grey interior. I've seen the car once but not driven it. I sat in it and all of the gizmos worked. Couple of things holding me back. It's done 159,000 miles. 1 owner. It has full lexus service history (all at same dealer), I called Hatfield lexus up and they confirmed they had the car in, so the stamps do add up. However there's no paper work regarding what work was carried out. Lexus wouldn't divulge this information due to data protection. Another thing that bothers me is the indie dealer. I've had this car saved in my garage since December 2013, I know he's had it since then if not before. When I asked him how long he's had it he said a few weeks. This is a blatant lie. Later when I checked the tax records it shows the tax expired in April 2013. So it has not been driven since then. It does has a valid mot until June 2014. At that price I'm hesitant in case the air ride goes belly up. I do plan to install a asc680 controller. I wouldn't mind taking the risk if it was near £4000, as I would install aftermarket air suspension if the oem system failed. I hate the cream interior so it must be grey or black. Not many about!!!!! Can anyone advise please? Thanks
  13. How much did the insurers pay? (if you don't mind me asking) Re the back/neck pain, some hot baths with some bath salt does wonders.
  14. the missus only has the focus to part ex, and i dont mind helping (but only if it's a car i agree with). i think due to budget a honda civic vti would be a better option. women eh?!
  15. Hi folks, It's been aaaages! Anyway the missus focus needs shifting.. I've come across a nice looking sport with full service history... BUT it has over 200k on the clock.(its a manual btw) Would this put anyone off? It doesn't help the fact the budget is around £2000 any advice would be great
  16. get yourself onto the forums. PCN's have 28 working days from memory. your best bet will be a failure somewhere in the paper work they've sent you. i got a NTO (notice to owner) 2 months after alleged offense (i never received the pcn's), within 1 month it was all sorted with the help from the pepipoo members
  17. Unfortunately insurance is not my friend. I'm paying £2200ish for a Seat Leon 1.9 DIESEL!!!!! A 430 is cheaper to insure ...
  18. Hi folks, Really missing the lexus, I mean REALLY missing it.... I had a GS300 mk2 before and the only thing i didn't like was the fact i couldn't select the gears. Did the 430 come with the paddle/button shift? Thanks!
  19. So you don't rag your car then? i think aaronabbott is being sarcastic... we all know prolex looked after this car regardless of costs when he was the owner. its never been hidden it had been tracked/dragged. don't take this thread too seriously, no one here is being negative about it's current owner.
  20. as far as i know the dealers kept warranty for these. they were produced and delivered to the customers, toms did not buy and then resell to dealers to pass on... ( so it would of been just like buying a m5 instead of the 530 at the dealer) google altezza 280t tom's edition ;)
  21. chris.s.... rings a few bells.... use to have a red is?.... now a dodgy coloured golf... think i'll steer clear from your threads :P this coming from a seat owner LOL glad you got yourself sorted!
  22. anyone got some spare cash for me?
  23. the dealer will most likely charge an arm and a leg, after which they'll ask you how to adjust them. i've used them on factory xenons and they didn't even get warm. this wasn't on my lexus so i'd buy the stickys now and put them on(they redirect straight so no problems for uk roads but double check this). after a night of using them have a feel to see if they get warm. (i personally thought xenons run cooler?) iirc xenons still point away from on coming traffic so they can cause problems for EU roads.
  24. they do need to be adjusted as all headlights. however instead of a lengthy trip to a dealer or getting your screwdriver out just use the sticky on tapes to redirect the beams. you can purchase these from halfords or most service stations near the coast(or even ferry if thats how you're getting across)
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