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  1. I had them transferred off the GS450H I traded for the GSF
  2. Just a little over 3 months ownership of mine and I too am smitten with my beastie. Done nearly 3000 miles in mine. Mixed driving. Getting between 23 and 25 mpg. Longest journey I've done is a little over 400 mile round trip to Milton Keynes. Got about 31 mpg on that run (would've been more if the motorway hadn't been empty on the way home!!!😁😇) You can't change the boot closer function. It's the way it is. You open the boot to put stuff in or take it out, so pressing a button before walking away is logical. Cleaning the wheels and calipers is generally a pain because of their design. I get my son to do it 🤣. The old 3 inch roll forward (or backward) helps. I've just bought some Bilt Hamber autowheel and wheel woolies to lessen his burden 😁. Tried to see what mine looked like in white ... didn't like it!😁 I've also added some F ghost shadow lights. I think they look quite cool.
  3. For me, it's practicality. I have also spoken to several Lexus sales people that have driven both the RC F and GS F back to back on a track and they reckon the GS is better, but that is their opinion.
  4. Yeah, Huyton in Liverpool (pronouned Hi-ton) is pronounced as Hew-ton.
  5. Same here. But also, they knew I was after one as it's the best F car and the LC500 is just not practical for me. Think they will hold their value pretty well.
  6. Yes, I believe there is only one left registered to Lexus UK. Only 5 registered in 2018 so look after yours. Rare beast!!!!!
  7. Nice too pal. I like that colour nearly as much as mine 😉. Yes, mines the one from Lexus Liverpool.
  8. Confirming, there is no remote boot close function. Also, there is no way to get rid of the Sat Nav menu screen on startup. I had this on my 450h and now have it on my GS-F. Not a problem to press a button when moving off.
  9. Suggest you try Toyo T1R's. I originally had Dunlops on mine and changed to the Toyo's. Much reduced road noise and much better handling, especially in the wet. I've just ordered a new set after 20000miles of trouble free, quieter driving.
  10. I have a 250 Sport Manual on an 06 plate. It's the best car I've ever owned. Goes beautifully, Handles beautifully. MPG around town is not great, but average 30 mpg overall. On motorways, if you stick to the speed limit you'll get around 35-37 mpg.
  11. Please review this topic ....;#entry432571 Hope this helps.
  12. Buy yourself some of these. Had mine for 18 months. No problem.