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  1. He's just replied, the car was sold on the 19th. Saturday ! so we'll never know any more about it i guess Malc
  2. but aren't they 5.7 / 6.0 ltr engines ? Malc
  3. I can't figure out why a main dealer is selling a 12 year old car at all ! ............. bit odd Malc
  4. The Mk1 and I think the Mk2 are non-interference NOT this Mk3 for sale at £200 Malc
  5. the Mk1 Ls400 belt was made of a kevlar type product ........ virtually indestructible ............. later belts, well, who does know I wonder ? Malc
  6. every day you don't use the ISF you will regret ............. the " other " car is just that .......... not worth buying, depreciation, tax, insurance servicing etc ...........just another ordinary car that you will think you're obliged to use........... but WHY ? Malc
  7. I've just emailed the seller for the Lexus colour and if it's Aspen Green, like mine, I might be persuaded to store some of it for my future use. But the colour could be any number of real Lexus silvery colours Malc
  8. with 5 owners I doubt other than the first one would have bothered, and that's if he did ........... just taking that chance ....... and came unstuck .. they reckon 100k miles for a change in the USA for the same car/engine
  9. hey guys, look at the advert on autotrader for the P reg Mk3 Ls400 at 166k miles ............... scrap really at @£200 Checking the MOT stuff, it passed last year at 165k miles BUT now the cambelt has bust and some other terminal Advisories ............ but looks an ok body shell and maybe the interior too ! What it does is give credibility to what we might have understood all along that 150k miles is just about ok for a too long in the tooth first change on these beasts ....... just too long at 165k miles eh ! ( if it is that long ) Malc 400&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=sponsored&page=1
  10. wonder if the last 3 annual MOT Advisories refer to the same rear stuff wearing out ? Problem might be availability of those parts for a Mk2, no matter how nice the car would seem ........ wheels need refurbishing and the tyres could be replacement cheapos I fear BUT it looks quite good for a late Mk2 .............. at the right price Malc
  11. the seller is a business and not the private individual that's driven and owned it ? The Return Conditions ............. why specify them if you're not running scared of a Return ! Price, well, who knows what it's really worth ........ try to get Agreed Value on an insurance policy and then one would find out for sure I guess. But at £4k,............ peanuts really in the great scheme of buying a used car and at least with this one you can be pretty sure it's had good maintenance for it to have covered such monster miles. Malc
  12. I suppose the reality of this is that there are now so very few Ls400s around that it would take any power crazy driver by total surprise to find him/her self competing against an old guy in an ancient behemoth ..... and often being thrashed well and truly and left at the side of the road nursing their wounded pride ........... BUT of course many modern cars are able to drive like crazy and were never designed for power in the hands of old guys who might want to drive sedately most of the time Malc
  13. And there was me thinking my Ls400 was invincible ............. just pipped to the post by a brand new 17 plate Audi S3 ........ 0 - 62 in 5.3 secs and 155.3mph BUT he sure was having a hairy moment straining every limb on his brand new car to compete with my near silent 22 year old beauty ........ and the noise the S3 made, straining to " get there " Malc
  14. hahahahaha ............ next time will probably be in 24 years time .... having said that I think they are only meant to last 16 years .... the timing at which i have replaced TWO on my earlier Ls's Malc
  15. £10k for a brilliant Ls600 seems a bit of a snip to me ..................... the Cat stuff doesn't matter one jot if you're keeping her ...... good luck Malc