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  1. I have no idea which, if any, Lexus Dealers are selling cambelt kits on-line nor indeed which businesses generally are selling cambelt kits for the Ls400 nor of those selling individually the items that you would need if you weren't to just buy a " kit " Malc
  2. many parts fit different cars from different manufacturers and many parts are quite ageless in fitting different cars. Recently had a Recall on my 1994 Mazda, the ignition switch could be dangerously faulty, the same ignition switch fitted on many different and much more recent cars and over many Marques Malc
  3. Original Equipment Manufacturer .... often car producers may have several suppliers for the same piece Malc
  4. Blimey, I've just extracted this from the above reference: Vehicles that are too old to be given a vignette (including cars registered before 1997) are already banned from being driven in Paris between 8am on 8pm on weekdays. Malc
  5. reading posts on here over times past reveals that Aisin could be the preferred make of waterpump,............... the others i don't know. I've not replaced one yet. I don't know what OEM is either. It's quite likely that others on here can help, or further research on the forum, might reveal more of what you would wish to know and understand. Maybe just ask the seller what make it is and if it's Aisin then you've WON without further research Malc
  6. well, there we are ........ yes i would specify the make and style of electric sockets ..... such varying qualities. Likewise i would want to now the best water pump availability. My indy always talks me through the options on spares to be used on my cars, recommending this or that option. Malc
  7. back to basics .... wouldn't you want to know the make of the water pump ? I understand there are several out there but Aisin is the one to have I understand And if that's so then there's a reason ( which i don't know ) why the others might be inferior ! Malc
  8. ITALY ..... take care driving between November and April ( some statutory dates I think ) certain roads, which you won't know which they are until you're on them, obligatory winter tyres or snow chains ............. and an instant fine in not complying. FRANCE ..........just read Sunday Times piece for obligatory Govt issued Emissions Disc data for your car ? when driving in Paris, Lyon and Grenoble ..... can be bought on line for @£4 but takes 6 weeks to deliver BUT the fine is up to £117 for non display Malc
  9. I explored this issue a little in 2011 ( I can't remember why ) even though I had a full printout of my FLSH when i bought the car personally from the Parts Manager at Lexus Poole. I guess he had obtained the computer records easily at that time. NOW, if my memory serves me well, the records were kept centrally on the computer at Lexus HQ in the UK somewhere at that time. The local Dealer was just the conduit for getting the data. How and if they keep that data for a 20 year old car, well, who would know ! Malc
  10. probably the same as mine, a slight hint of green in the silver ................ Aspen Green Malc
  11. and any minor breakdown or service on the RR would likely cost the value of the Lexus ................. RR gravitas = £££££s I remember 15 years ago with one on our forecourt for sale, the tyres were 500 squidge each and the weight of the car just wore them down when moving, not bad driving or road conditions, just the car's weight ! ............ Gravitas can be expensive to maintain Malc
  12. sorry to hear of your deer incident .... many years ago at night, a sodding great big one jumped over a hedge, hit the door of my car, jumped over the car, jumped over the next hedge and was away ! ....... big dent in the door of my then car to be repaired ............ well shaken. but not stirred Malc
  13. and the previous year I did a similar mileage on a Grand Tour through France .......... of Spain and Portugal ... both journeys were of 4 to 5 weeks though so there was no high speed pressure at all. Malc
  14. and who is the Brighton mob ? that price seems very good Malc
  15. ............ plenty of those in Scotland, very expensive ? surprised Belgium has spare shepherds but hey get in there before Brexit prevents you getting your own personal migrant with those skills ..... just how many sheep do you have in your flock to " shepherd " ? ........... hehehehehe ( sorry, couldn't resist it ! ) Malc