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  1. looks as if you're running with the continental headlight changeover ............... is it for an imminent trip or a leftover ? I think it might actually be illegal in the UK Malc
  2. I've not seen that before but it just about sums up my feelings too about these magnificent beasts. I'm expecting mine to last forever. My bro-in-law to be ( in July ) has just bought that 1964 Austin Cambridge estate that's advertised ( there's only the one ) for £9950, full asking price, coz that's the car he now wants ....... forever ... not sure how he'll cope with NO pas but hey .... that is truly a magnificent almost final example of that marque. I'm expecting our Ls400s to end their days like that too .......... any thoughts guys ? Malc
  3. I remember reading from long back the huge Toyota Land Cruiser 4 ltr whatever was the vehicle of choice for Oz outback ( that's actually out AND back ) traversing. I wouldn't trust any other vehicle. Malc
  4. I think he may have been somewhat embarrassed at showing his car's lack of superiority ! Malc
  5. I still thoroughly enjoy the excitement ( even at my advanced age ) of plodding along and taking the odd super fast car by surprise when i just " toe it " and fly away ..... likewise at traffic lights with a boy racer, or someone i know is just riding the clutch to chase away ahead of me, my old banger, and I put it into quick mode and fly away like a jet at my super acceleration of 6.9 secs 0 - 60 mph ( even now I believe ) and then continuing super acceleration right through to a speed limit thundering 70mph I was very naughty once, three people in a new Merc estate decided to play silly buggers with me and cutting me up on a dual ( duel ! ) carriageway. I let it pass until they slowed down and i overtook in the normal course, then they decided to start again ( being silly buggers ) so I then kept them in the outside lane not allowing them to pull into the nearside ( my ) lane and they got quite scared when they couldn't get anywhere near to overtaking me at some silly fast speed .... and they seemed to desperately need the security of the inside lane. Some Merc drivers eh ! Malc
  6. It might just need a good burn up the Motorway to clear out years of carbon build-up. Maintenance is no substitute for use ............. I remember having, both very lethargic, a F reg Volvo estate and a BMW 318i coupe from 15+ years ago when i had my car sales business. I then drove both cars exceptionally briskly and through the gears, resulting in several loud bangs and plumes of black smoke trailing behind me.............. and the cars then driving with a new lease of life and like " normal " Too much molly coddling and not enough use, these are after all 4 ltr power machines, might have resulted in the situation you now have. But it's your risk whatever you do with it ..... others on here might have a different possible view Malc
  7. blimey, that looks a bit challenging...... i think I'd have a professional re-sit the screen in the existing strips/trims and you get the chance to clean them up without damaging them hopefully. That might remove the wind noise factor etc and make you much happier with the appearance too........ it's only money Malc
  8. hey there's another thread about crap Lexus paint finish somewhere .................... they have dumbed down I'm sure. My original paintwork is quite brilliant with very few stone chips and on 194k miles and 22 years ... the black windshield trims and wiper arms are silvered, chipped a fair bit though and that annoys me too. My bro-in-law with a brand new RC had those black trims chipped after just a few days. Malc
  9. hi John, when I had my 1994 M reg Mk2 Ls400 I didn't have traction control on my car, neither do I have it on my N re Mk3 1995 ! ( to my knowledge ) Do you have an ordinary Ls400 of that period ? or is it a rebadged Celsior and an import maybe ? And I've never heard of this Charcoal Canister thing either on these cars ........ what does it do and where might it be ? Thanks Malc
  10. petrol gauge on mine when on orange shows the gauge/needle to be totally empty BUT when refilling ( as i always do to the top ) it's only ever about 70 ltrs and I know the tank holds 85.1 ltrs and therefore probably 100 miles left in it at the time. I'd have no hesitation driving around France for a few 000 miles tbh but i would always totally refill the tank .............. and avoid it getting to the orange light too. These cars are designed for Grand Touring in comfort and security. Malc
  11. I wish the buyer would join this Forum and keep us posted ............. I'm intrigued to know the outcomes Malc
  12. you see, you're being entirely logical here ............ you just have to imagine the impossible and unimaginable and then you might get somewhere close to the nonsense these insurers and brokers pontificate over .............. to disregard logic and arrive at their nonsensical conclusions Malc
  13. yes, it's not that uncommon for me to hear this when I'm refilling her on a hot day, a second or two of a huge gush of " air " ......... I'm assuming it's a little vapour being pressurised and escaping when the cap is unscrewed............... not likely to be the issue i fear Malc