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  1. For the love of a cosmic deity, who would be SO stupid as to do this - and above all, WHY??? Full horrendous details here
  2. Dash Cam Installation Advice

    You are allowed to say Amazon - or eBay or wherever
  3. Hot air rises so the best way of heating the cabin is to have the air come out at the lowest point and it warms things up as it rises. If your hands are cold or if the screen needs defrosting then you can manually point the air where you want it, but on auto, it'll always come out of the footwell. During summer the air will usually come out of the higher vents because cold air falls.
  4. What utterly ridiculous prices for such a simple thing! Take your existing metal plate to a sheet metal fabricators and ask them to make a new plate to the same dimensions and to also laser cut the lettering. Then glue a small, thin piece of opaque perspex (from eBay/Homebase/B&Q) on the back side to allow the light through - simples! Or, a variation on the theme: get them to cut the oblong out of the new plate, put the opaque perspex on the back side, then use some 'Blue Peter-type' sticky-backed plastic to copy the lettering onto the perspex. I'm too warm and cosy to go out and look at my RX300 to see if it's the 'LEXUS' that lights up or the surround that lights up, but this should start you thinking about a cheap alternative way of making your own plates. Or even just take your own existing plates and get them to laser cut the lettering then do the thing with the perspex.
  5. I think this article may be of help in this discussion.
  6. Yes, true, sorry - my fault for trying to do three things at once and not doing any of them particularly well today
  7. Surely that points to an ECU fault then doesn't it? If sensors and loom are disconnected from the ECU but the ECU is still putting the light on, it can only be an ECU problem. Maybe corroded/wet/shorted connections or some electronics problem within the ECU itself maybe?
  8. Few wee mods

    Taking your last question first, I don't know what size/shape indicator bulbs your car uses so I don't really know. My RX300 uses a WY21W, which is a wedge base, amber, 21W bulb and in the picture below, the LEDs I needed were the ones with the T20 7440 base. Yours may be different but I'm sure it'll be one of the four available. If your manual doesn't help, just pull an existing bulb out and compare. The only other thing to take into account is the physical size of the bulb itself: Technically, daytime running lights should only be on while the engine is running rather than coming on when the key is in the ACC or IGN positions but mine come on when the key is in the IGN position. I only found out a couple of days ago that the proper way of doing it is to wire them up to the alternator so that they only come on when the alternator starts to charge the battery which, of course, only happens when the engine is running. You'll also have to buy a couple of automotive relays (about £4 or £5 each) because the DRLs must turn off when the sidelights are turned on so that no one gets dazzled by bright LEDs in the dark. If you're not sure how to wire them up I'll draw out a circuit diagram for you if you like, but that'll be tomorrow because I've got a very early start in the morning so off to bed now Oh, and they just flash as normal when you put the hazards on, just as ordinary bulbs would. Hope that helps, John
  9. Few wee mods

    Doesn't that mean that you have to have your side/tail/numberplate lights on all the time as well? The foglights on my RX300 only get power when the sidelights are on. I used those dual colour switchback LEDs on mine in place of the indicator bulbs and they do work really well (video here):
  10. Few wee mods

    Brilliant, thanks, just ordered one now.
  11. Few wee mods

    May be an idea to install these dual-colour switchback LEDs to give you daytime running lights too.
  12. Few wee mods

    Have you got a link for that please?
  13. throttle problwm

    Could be as simple as cleaning the throttle body or as serious as needing a new motor I suppose.
  14. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    This is Preston town centre. The road going across is Fishergate and is one-way, the direction of flow being right to left and, as you can see, it's just one lane with wide pavements. One numpty decided he didn't want to go round the one-way system to get back to Chapel St:
  15. Not sure about your other questions but this is the second hit in Google when I just searched for "RX400h traction battery voltage"
  16. Help Identifying this Watch?

    Hmm, I'd obviously imbibed slightly too much alcohol last night as I've just re-read my post and I missed out the important bit! What I meant to say was that, due to the modern practice of shrinking credits to run trailers for upcoming shows, they have become completely unreadable.
  17. Help Identifying this Watch?

    If only that was possible. I'm a big music fan and I'd say that a good 15% of my music collection has come about because of watching a TV programme or film or whatever, hearing some music that I like, and then finding out what it is and who it is from the credits. At least with music, there are apps like Soundhound and Shazam to help identify it but for products like watches, I don't think there's any chance.
  18. Just read the whole post I made, it's quite clear, but to summarise: Let's say that I buy a car on my credit card and something goes wrong with it, maybe the engine explodes. I go back to the dealer I bought it from, only to find they've gone bust so I can't get them to pay for repairs. Section 75 says that my credit card provider has to make things right for me because they are jointly responsible with the company that sold me the car. If I had used my debit card instead, my bank would be under no legal obligation to do anything for me, or they may offer something 'as a goodwill gesture'. Ergo, a debit card provides nowhere near as much protection as a credit card would if things go wrong. And now I'm cracking open a beer!
  19. You said: I use my 'debit card' for 'direct debits', in fact all my 'direct debits'. I was pointing out that it is impossible to use a debit card for a direct debit payment. It's called "Direct Debit" because the person or body that you are paying requests it directly from your bank and your bank pays it directly to them. There is no facility for you to use a debit card in a direct debit situation even if you wanted to.
  20. You asked me: and I replied yes, then went on to explain why I used my credit card rather than my debit card because that's what your question implied you were asking. If I've got that wrong, please explain what you were asking and I'll do my best to answer.
  21. No, a debit card is what you take to the shop with you to pay for goods. A 'direct debit' is an electronic transaction that you authorise once (say to pay your Council Tax) but then your involvement ends for the next 12 months, until renewal time. The monthly 'direct debit' payments are made by your bank directly to your council on your behalf and there is no physical card involved.
  22. Yes, but a debit card works in conjunction with your bank account and if you have money in the account you can use the card to pay for goods. A credit card is where you use the card provider's money to make the purchase and then either pay back a monthly sum until you've paid off the debt, or you can clear the balance in total if you so wish. The difference between the two cards in the context of this situation is that a debit card offers some protection if things go wrong for you, but nowhere near as much protection as a credit card does. If you pay for things on a credit card, the card provider becomes jointly responsible with the trader if things go wrong. For instance, if the engine of my £5,500 car blew up beyond repair within, say, three weeks of buying it, but the trader I bought it from had ceased trading when I went back to them for recompense, the credit card provider would be liable to put things right under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. There would be no such compensation forthcoming from my bank if I had paid on my debit card though, which is why I paid with my credit card and then paid the bill in full when my credit card statement came through. Or, as I said earlier, even if I had only paid £1 of the transaction by credit card, I would still have been fully covered under Section 75, which is why I always pay for things costing £100 or more with my credit card.
  23. Another thing worthy of note is that when using a credit card, Section 75 protection applies to anything over £100 even if you only put £1 of it on the card. When we bought our RX300 last year, we had the money for it in the bank but I paid the £5,500 with my credit card in order to have the protection if I should have needed it. It was actually the trader who pointed out that I would still have the protection even if I'd only paid £1 on the card and the other £5,499 by cash or cheque.
  24. Central locking issue

    Hi Matt and welcome to the forum. Sorry, I can't help with your question but I can almost guarantee that you'll get the best chance of help by posting in the LS400 forum rather than audio/video forum.
  25. Internal fuse box

    That looks very low and if a copper was looking for something to do he could well make a point of that.