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  1. Am I young and urban?

    Young and Urban 😆 Well i guess its more catchy than. middle aged / smart and informed / disposable income. i dont work in marketing btw 😆 Im 49 ,and quite possibly the youngest hippest RX owner out there . (Not verified or proven otherwise) Anyways nice car, Enjoy ! Stay cool Bro.
  2. Ive not heard of anyone replacing an exhaust on a Rx450 yet, but you can bet its going to be scary expensive im sure. Selling my old motor on ebay was a nightmare. Shifted it to autotrader and was a much happier experience . Swings and roundabouts i guess . Good luck.
  3. Makes sense now. Thats why the memory function doesnt work when in R . It doesn't need to👍
  4. Last week i had a (japanese) wood pigeon fly into my Rx on the A42. Straight into the front grill ! Fortune has it , he was killed instantly because if he had survived i would of snapped his neck in two after the mess i had to clear up and the shattered grill i now have to repla£e.
  5. I ditched the bridgestones because of the tramlining and noise. Replaced with the goodyear asymetric 2 And now on the asymetric3 all round . Great improvement all round ! The only decibels i hear are through the ML stereo ....bliss 😆
  6. A good point well made 😃 Until today I wasnt aware you could set the posistion of the dipped mirrors. anyways ill try mine tomorrow in R and report back to see if you can set the memory function ! Ps. My mirrors dip but sometimes they stick and dont come back up, so ill be trying the cleaning fix soon, kindly posted above!
  7. I thought you had to be in Park (P) To set the memory function ? Didnt know it worked when in R but ,then again ive never tried it !
  8. How to disable the key ?
  9. What is this sorcery ?
  10. Looks fantastic ! Thanks for the write up. Oh and great choice with the colour .
  11. More guitars here guys,. Interested about starting a car showroom collection now !
  12. New toy!

    Looks fantastic ! Congrats and enjoy. ps. Love the private plate too !
  13. New used car

    Hello Mike, stick with the IS . Most of the costs quoted are for the exhaust . A custom made stainless exhaust could be half that price ! Did they give you a breakdown of the costs ?
  14. Stolen RX450 Sport

    Hi there, Thanks for your update. However you dress it up,Its not right you buy a premium desirable car with modern technology and its easier to Twok than a 2bob motor with standard key and imobiliser . What happens if and when its impossible to get insurance for keyless because any 10yr old can crack it .do we all buy steering locks and hope ! Sorry i still dont believe lexus are doing anything . Happy to be proved wrong though ! Very Happy to hear you are getting paid by the insurance company !!