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  1. Calipers painted

    Looks great, the contrast against the wheels make the front caliper look massive! very nice 😎👍
  2. USRS RR Racing

    Great news on both counts Pete. have you made any plans for when the fitment will start or how long they think it will take? Going to be a monster when finished 👍
  3. Could it be time?!

    Do it! You won’t regret it. Your only delay might be finding the one that’s right for you. Cracking cars
  4. USRS RR Racing

    Happy for the end of October Pete, gives everybody a fair crack of the whip to get their order in. Grateful for you or your friends couriering them over to us. 👍🏻 Matt
  5. USRS RR Racing

    Order placed. Order number 4004. Again put in my address for the credit card with details of collection in the box at the bottom of the order. thanks again for arranging Pete. matt
  6. The alternative IS-F picture thread

    What isf?
  7. Evening all

    Welcome Andy, enjoy the car, you'll soon get that mpg down! matt
  8. More Exhaust Vids

    Very nice Dan, H&S do sound aggressive, would have paid them a visit for sure if mine was stock. matt
  9. USRS RR Racing

    That's great Pete. Thanks again for organising. matt
  10. My exhaust vids

    It's a Joe z replica. Secondary de cat and twin pipes all the way with an x pipe at the front.
  11. My exhaust vids

    You know it makes sense!
  12. USRS RR Racing

    Pete, happy to run the cash round or transfer. No problems picking them up when you have them. Tell me how much and when and I'll sort it. thanks again, matt
  13. Is your F 100% stock?

    No problem, we'll sort something out. try and get a few there.
  14. Is your F 100% stock?

    Checked the speedo with a sat nav and phone app, allowing for the three mph difference they say for the signal to go up and back? The speedo reads pretty much spot on my son was holding all the tech, not me! matt
  15. Is your F 100% stock?

    Pics as requested
  16. Is your F 100% stock?

    No clearance issues for me. I'll get a couple of pics tomorrow matey.
  17. Is your F 100% stock?

    Not too long before you wake the neighbourhood with a good dose of H&S's finest exhaust
  18. Is your F 100% stock?

    275/30 rears and 245/35 fronts few guys on here have done it, no clearance issues
  19. Is your F 100% stock?

    Hi Ray, nothing detrimental. I think the main difference is the brand. I swapped out old bridgestone potenzas for Michelin ps4s. Night and day difference, very stable, massive dry grip, wet grip has far exceeded my expectations. The size suits the car a lot better, fills the arches and gives a little bit more rim protection. I would recommend if yours are due a change. matt
  20. USRS RR Racing

    That's great Pete, many thanks for sorting out the discount as well as the collection. still interested, let me know how much and I'll drop the cash round. thanks again, Matt
  21. Daily Drive

    See what your saying, but in my situation the regret would come from using a 5ltr v8 to sit in traffic jams on my way in and home from work, plus having kittens about parking it at work. All my miles will be pleasure miles so I don't have to be concerned about fuel returns, just finding clear roads to stretch its legs.
  22. Daily Drive

    As Nick has said, it will be more expensive to run an isf as a daily driver. Depends how much you want it really. The other option is to run a cheap car for your daily commute. I go to work in a 2007 1.4 Ford Fiesta, very slow, but very cheap to run. I don't have to take anybody out in it for work so it doesn't matter. Makes the drive in the isf all the more special to me. if running an isf won't tie you up financially I'd certainly recommend it. matt
  23. Haywood and scott

    All good David thanks, hope you are too, only gently nudging you in the exhaust direction! I'm confident you'll get it done. Not really sure how my mark Levinson system sounds as it's always off whilst I listen to the car. still enjoying every drive, all the best, matt
  24. Haywood and scott

    Time you booked the appointment David! You know it makes sense! matt