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  1. Not too much ‘down South’
  2. Well done and a big thanks to all involved 👍🏻
  3. Many thanks @steve2006. Think it will be well received across the board. 👍🏻
  4. He’s probably still driving around with a massive grin on his face i must admit, I would be too!
  5. Great news Stuart, stunning car. They’ll only be a few isf owners left on here soon! roll on Saturday
  6. Very impressive mate, congratulations. Going to be a monster to drive! When are you bringing her home? Make sure you go the very long way 👍🏻
  7. It’s a yes from me, great idea to bring us all in together. matt
  8. Looking very good indeed mate. Can’t be long now before he gives you the keys. I wouldn’t be able to wait! leave the cover on I say 👍
  9. Looking good Pete. Lots of progress today. Do they work Saturdays!! Could be done by end of play tomorrow 😎 wont be long now. Good work done by those guys 👍
  10. USRS RR Racing

    Picked up my bushes tonight from Pete. Very well made bits of kit, can’t wait to get them fitted. big thanks to Pete for organising and kindly getting them included in his shipment. top man, many thanks. matt
  11. Congratulations and welcome. Looks very tidy matt
  12. USRS RR Racing

    Hope that’s the only hiccup. As you say at least it was found early with no damage caused. It’ll be more than worth it when it’s all fitted
  13. USRS RR Racing

    Sounds like a good reason to have a meet. Be interesting to see what every bodies car is putting out.
  14. I can’t see how 2k miles makes any odds to a non serviceable item. keep pushing regardless, poor show on Lexus’s part.
  15. USRS RR Racing

    Hi Pete, I’ll drop you a text, let me know when it’s conveniant and I’ll pop over. thanks again, Matt
  16. Very nice looking white isf on eBay. Looks like a well kept very low mileage example at a good price. Good buy for somebody. any bodies off of here?
  17. USRS RR Racing

    Great news! Looking forward to getting these.
  18. White isf on ebay

    Great news, need to try and get out in mine a bit more often! Mind you the roads in Kent aren’t as exciting as the Brecon Beacons! glad your enjoying the experience, they are a very special car matt
  19. White isf on ebay

    Did you pick the car up Rebecca? pleased with it? matt
  20. 44 years old (just) operations and maintenance manger
  21. White isf on ebay

    Congratulations. Lovely looking car. Well done matt
  22. Goodbye IS-F

    Congratulations Mark, you must be very pleased. I’m sure the sadness of letting the ISF go will ease over time. Lovely looking car. On my wish list one day. matt
  23. Calipers painted

    Looks great, the contrast against the wheels make the front caliper look massive! very nice 😎👍
  24. USRS RR Racing

    Great news on both counts Pete. have you made any plans for when the fitment will start or how long they think it will take? Going to be a monster when finished 👍
  25. Could it be time?!

    Do it! You won’t regret it. Your only delay might be finding the one that’s right for you. Cracking cars