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Is250 F Sport Performance Mods Etc


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Hi guys,

I'm sure this has been brought up before but I cant find much info for the UK side.

I'm after the F sport induction kit, does anyone know where I can get this?

Also, has anyone fitted wind deflectors on? I like the OEM one but i recall they are very expensive for that they are. I dont like the HEKO ones.

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a few US lexus dealers have them for sale but that if it would fit UK spec and at $335 + $28 shipping and $76 import duty that's about £285 in total.

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I just want a bit more noise, the V6 is a very nice sound but its too subdued.

Exhaust is out of the question as the wife has given me the death stare and i dont want to wake the neighbours up early in the morning. I might mod the box like the F sport and stick a K&N filter in there. But I also need a Joez pipe.

So is a Joez pipe easy to get? I think the IS250 in US is the same as in the UK. IS350 i dont know.

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Hi Cracksta, I am thinking of same in next couple of months. Basic difference between F sport intake and K&N induction kit is that F sport including IS250 OEM intake aspirates air from the front side of vehicle, while K&N aspirates it from engine space which is obviously warmer, so it might worsen performance. I checked on youtube and both of them make nice change in a sound. Either here and on US forum were controversial opinions regarding K&N filters, they are moisturised with some oil which can be sucked into engine ane make a damage over long time. Stanadrd filters are not that expensive, I have changed it last month and noticed improvement in consumption around 5%. I would probably go for Fsport kit.

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if you want to hear more of the V6 sound then your best bet is to leave the intake side of things and concentrate more on the exhaust side by replacing your back boxes with a straight through back pipe. the back box and resonators are in charge of keeping the engine note quieter.

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Problem is, i like it quiet in the cabin and on the weekends i like it loud lol.

I had exhausts before on other cars and its pretty much loud and droney, want something meaty but not loud to wake neighbours up.

So thinking an induction kit is prob best since i can easily remove it if i dont like it and its only louder when it at high rev.

Regards to F sport vs K&N, K&N is far easier to obtain, the oil lube doesnt bother me as I've had it on a few cars, you just need to lightly oil it. For F sport, you can almost mimic it by cutting the hole but then the 'force cold air' tube is pointless as the air will be sucked from the hole mainly.

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Sound is a personal thing and always a compromise. I have a Powerflow back box with just gives it a slightly deeper note without being intrusive and is just what I wanted. was £250 fitted at my local centre. go and speak to an exhaust specialist about what you want and they can usually accommodate you.

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