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I've been under the back of my recent acquisition  ,ls400. and have notice a little arm that snapped. i think its attached to a bracket on a drop link. anyone know what it does.

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8 minutes ago, alien1974 said:

the automatic headlight level sensor? 

Yes, and if it is you'll have drivers flashing you because your headlights will be wrong.  Easy fix though.

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11 hours ago, Chasdad said:

Does that work. I suppose its an mot fail 

Works like a charm. Chances are the original rheostat/magic box things rod broke whilst lhe car was level,I kept arm in same position when changing to the new rod so settings would be retained.

Also works in combination with the diagonal front rheostat/magic box ,probably worth checking that too.

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Nothing wrong with the bonnet there. Ill get it back to that

13 hours ago, messi said:


This is what the car looked like when I had it. It was lovely




Nothing wrong with the nonnet in that pic.hopefully ill get it back to that

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