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Vibration at speed - wheel balancing?

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I'm increasingly aware of a vibration that seems to come from the rear of the car, at speeds around 70+ mph.  I think it's the rear end rather than the front as I can't feel anything through the steering wheel.


My gut says it's one or both of the rear wheels out of balance.  Back in August I had the wheels off the car and did a thorough clean of them, including removing old tar and glue from previous sticky weights.  Do you think this would be enough to cause it?

I was thinking of leaving it until April when it's due a service but that's six months away and it's annoying me.  


Any other thoughts before I book it in and leave myself and my wallet open for abuse?

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You could try swapping the wheels around to see if it makes any difference.

I doubt that cleaning would have affected the balance unless you inadvertently removed a weight.

When you say 'book it in' - not at a Lexus dealer, surely?

Any reputable tyre fitter will rebalance your wheels for a few quid.

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