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RX450H Mirrors/Door locking/windows not working from driver's side

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Hello all


I have a Lexus RX450H, 2012. Yesterday I noticed that the door mirrors did not close when I locked the car, and also that there seemed to be a bit of a delay in locking/unlocking when pressing the remote.

On further investigation, when I opened the car, the set of buttons in the driver's door were not working, apart from driver's door window. So:


Door/unlock from inside - not working

All passenger windows - not working

Mirror Auto button - not working, no illumination

Driver/passenger door mirror - not retracting

Driver/passenger door mirror - not adjustable

Driver's door window - working

As far as I can tell, other electrical items are working fine (fuel release, audio system, sunroof cover etc all tested).

My first thoughts are could this be a fuse? If so, which one? The manual doesn't seem to offer me any pointers. Any other thoughts anyone, please?


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 I’ve checked the manual- nothing useful, although I scoured what the fuses do, I could not see one that controlled the problem items collectively.

searched US forum - info on resetting individual windows followed, no improvement. Nothing else useful found.

Lexus dealer - quoted £140 per hour to diagnose with parts and actual repair time on top - realistic potential repair estimate of £500 plus.  Said it would unlikely be a fuse, and suggested that the door multi switch part would cost about £300 (though they could not be bothered to actually look it up). Basically wanted me to pay for the diagnostic test and offered zero other guidance or experienced knowledge.
so, I thought I had better come to this forum first.

LagerShandy, thank you for your suggestions, appreciated.

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I think the door wires is a possibility - though nothing has happened that should have caused them to suddenly break.

 I’m in Dorset and will seek out an independent who can take a look at it for me. I had initially wondered if others had had a switch failure

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Just an update for you. I went to an auto electrician (3rd time lucky, first 2 never replied). He Checked all fuses, tried a replacement multi switch, took door covers off and also the loom going through the door into the car and under the dash, checked wiring, and no obvious cause of fault found. Eventually he admitted defeat.

sounds like it will need to go into a Lexus dealer. Am I correct in thinking they can plug in a diagnostic tester and it will pinpoint the issue?

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