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Lexus IS250 PCS / Collision Avoidance - Aftermarket HeadUnit


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Hi All

I am strongly thinking about buying a 2006/2007 IS250 Auto. I am curious about the PCS - Pre-Crash-Safety System (Only available on IS250 auto) When I looked through the brochure I see Lexus state "It's also another first for a car in this class"............"A radar sensor detects any obstacles in front of you. By using data from the sensors determines if a collision is unavoidable. if that's the case, ........... it will also activate Pre-Crash Brake Assist to support you with additional power." - So as I understand it this system

1) Will NOT provide ANY warning of a potential accident

2) Also it will not attempt to stop or slow the car down in any way whatsoever- When it senses an impact it tightens the seatbelts and preps the brakes (i.e. brake assist) - and from what I can see that's all. So for me it is a system that I have no interest in BUT I would want to know if it is in the car.

I am wondering -

1) How can I know for sure if the IS250 I am interested in has this feature or not?

2) I am looking into After-market Collision Avoidance systems and have come across the movon mdas 9 - It appears as though this device would have to be plugged into the OBD 2 Port

I would be concerned that IF I were to buy this device that it might in some way interfere with the After-market system from Movon. The Movon device creates an audible warning which is exactly what I am looking for. (It's also a dash cam and has a few other features)

Has anybody got any experience with After-Market collision avoidance?


The other question I have is in relation to the head unit - If I bought a lower spec IS 250 which had no sat nav - would there be any reason why I couldn't take the Sat NavHeadUnit out of an old IS and install it in mine? OR instead of doing that buy a brand new head unit - While searching around eBay I came across

"8" Android 8.0 Car DVD GPS Player Head unit For Lexus IS200 IS250 IS300 IS350" This would appear to be a brilliant solution but worryingly I also came across

"7" Car DVD GPS Navi Android 8.0 Head unit For Lexus IS200D/IS250/IS300/IS350" Which doesn't instil confidence as regards retaining a stock/factory-fit  look.

Does anybody have any experience with this type of after-market head Unit? under Amplifier parameters it states 4*45W I can't help wonder if that would mean a significant deterioration in sound quality Even the base model IS appears to have a 13 Speaker stereo system.

Aside from that I have heard from a youtube review that The IS250 engines can "clog up(?)" and that there may be issues with rattling dashboards. Has anybody had any negative experiences in that regard?


Any Advice much appreciated








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The PCS you mention was an added option - on the earlier cars it will be very very rare to find. Most obvious way to see if it installed is if the front badge is made of a acrylic - the sensor lives behind it.

Head unit - putting a sat nav unit in a non sat nav fitted car - dont even contemplate it, you would be better buying an SE-L with the ML system already fitted.

Engines clogging up?? Some experience carbon build up - more so experienced and reported on in the USA. Maintain the car and it will look after you. 

Best look for the spec with the sat nav installed. SE-L has the best spec of this age.

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As above really!

Note PCS is fitted in conjunction with ACC and this can be identified on an equipped car by the ‘Distance’ select button on the right hand side of steering wheel. 
Gotta say though, Don’t base your selection of car ( ie an IS250) solely on this feature as now this technology is 13 + years old and not really comparable to new car PCS of today!

Also you concern about ‘clogging up’ I think by this you are referring to the downside of Direct Injection ICE whereby the inlet valves are not subjected to the flow of atomised fuel washing over them on route to the combustion chamber. You will find some real horror pics on you tube of the internals of DI engines, most of these seem to be US based for some reason! Possibly poor quality fuels without additives or European’s don’t stress about it! I’m not sure which but I am not gonna loose any sleep over this particular problem.

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Hi all


Thanks for the detailed replies -  I am a lot clearer now on whether any potential purchase would have it or not. As I believe the dated System that is PCS would not have anything of real value to offer, I would prefer it was not in my chosen car. My concern was whether it (The PCS) would in some way interfere with the aftermarket Collision Avoidance system of movon mdas 9 Therefore I would happily do without PCS.


Thanks again



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To be honest you will struggle to find one with it anyway!

There are 17 SE-L's on Autotrader right now and none ( yes I really did check!) have got ACC/PCS, not even the one that's listed for £11,975! So don't think you need worry about it interfering with any addons!


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