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Tte Cologne March 5, 2004


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Last night I got to meet up with A group from LOC UK in Cologne, very nice people. Had some beers in the hotel bar and some food at Burger King in Frechen. Two local LOC members also joined, LuigiNintendo and Shark. Today Tony Goose's and Zee's cars got some coilovers, and Zee had some specially-made (brought by Mat) braces fitted.

Some Pics:

Workfloor with IS430 and Corolla Turbo in foreground

Zee, Mat, Johnny and Ifraz discussing... ah... Japsai spoilers?

Here you can see the brace under Zee's car

Zee's car in four wheel alignment

Very nice wheels, they are Maz's old golden Blitz wheels, which were beautifully refurbed and look the biz.

Andy gives some pointers

Tony Goose's very clean car

Refitting the boot liner on Tony's car

And thanks to GriM for not letting me feel left out and having a mod prepared for my IS. I now have a pair of very nice silver Philips rear indicator bulbs!

Quote of the meet: What a big c***! (carkit).

Cheers guys, till the next meet.


P.S. hopefully you'll post the group photo with the formula 1 car!

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Wow this is very Nice guys, hope you had a great times........any more pics of those refurbed Blitz wheels? it look amazing............. B) B) B) B) B)

was you guys in TTE garage? it look like a very big place........

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I remember it as though it was only yesterday when I stood in that very workshop.

is that where you got you SC fitted Chris? cool

B) B) B) B) B)

and i though TDI is a long way to travel.............. :whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling:

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was an excellent get together.........

i managed to have soom good discussions, with my contacts at TTE.

the race car will be going down in a few weeks to be looked over and a few tweeks done to the ECU :winky: (tweeks that i never knew could be done) :)

Today, ive done some stuff to Zee's car, while the other guys have gone for a visit to the VW factory at Wolfsburg.

tonight we go go-carting then a meal at the best Kebab shop in the WORLD

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tonight we go go-carting then a meal at the best Kebab shop in the WORLD

dam i love kebab :o Is the place place turkish ;) :D

Sounds like you lot are having a great time B)

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That workshop looks similiar to the new one, in Edinburgh.

£3m investment by Lexus Edinburgh. :crying:

The Scottish meeting today (6 Mar), got a tour around it.

Huge place!

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Will you be sharing this onfo on the ECU  :whistling:


the tweeking thats being done, TTE will not release to be used on Road cars(which is obvious really considering TTE are part of Toyota and dont want to blow up peoples engines)

basically some functions are being de-activated, and some tweeks done to the "map" of the fueling and electronics..........

recons there is a possibility of releasing around 10bhp+ just with simple work, apparently the IG-FE ECU is very easy to crack and work with

the guys have set of back today , so tommorow i think all the other pics taken will be posted

(must add, the Ostrich we had in the Factory canteen was excellent)

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I have tried to keep this as short as possible..... :duh:

Wow....what a fantastic TTE/Europe trip this was.

After picking up Andy at lunchtime on Wed 3rd, we headed on down towards Leicester to meet up with Johnny and Zee. Loaded up Zee's car and off we went down to Harwich to catch our overnight ferry to Hoek Van Holland. We met the crazy Irishman Gordon (GRiM) and the cool and calm Tony at Harwich.

The ferry trip was great and after a few drinks Gordon tried explaining the rules to an 'Irish' card game which I still don't understand. Basically the winner of the game is the loser of the game..... work that one out! :blink:

We got to Holland early morning on Thursday and we proceeded straight down towards Koln to TTE. This was the bit of the trip I was most looking forward to. We got to TTE at around lunchtime on Thursday. We were greeted by Friedel and after our introductions we were LED away for our security passes and then straight to the fabulous F1 Canteen. Lots of important people milling around.... and the food was good!

We let the very experienced TTE mechanics loose on Zee's and Tony's cars and then we just stood back and watched them go at the 2 cars. They really knew their stuff. It was amazing watching these guys..... very professional to say the least.

We spent all afternoon mingling with the TTE mechanics (great bunch of guys). After a long day travelling and spending the afternoon at TTE we were driven to our Hotel by Friedel and another member of staff from TTE.

The drinking started early and we were soon joined by Mat C in his Pajero. After another short interval RX Men 8 (sorry, I can't spell your name) turned up who was also staying at the hotel. The drinking continued.... We were then joined by Mario and another 2 blokes from the Euro Lexus Owners Club.

The next day we all went off to TTE for day two of our visit. We were all really looking forward to seeing Tony's and Zee's cars complete. Both cars looked great and the work carried out on the cars was of very high standard. We had a mini tour around the TTE facilities and after picking up the cars and saying our farewells to the guys at TTE the UK contingent headed on towards Bergen.

We got to Bergen late on Friday evening and the first thing we did was go and see the super duper Race Car. The car looks so much better in the flesh than in the photo's. It truly is an amazing bit of modding by Mat....I'm sure you guys will see it soon in the UK. Hmmmm Kebab, in the evening. :)

The next day Tony, Johnny, Andy and myself went to Wolfsberg to the VW Motor museum and factory. We had a good time there. A big thank you to Christina and Stefan for the guided tour. Zee, Gordon and Mat spent the cold afternoon in Mat's workshop tinkering with the cars. :ph34r:

In the evening we went racing at the Ralf Schumacher Go-Karting track. These were the fastest karts I have ever been in. I finished very low down the order....but it was great fun! We met Jens and a few others that evening too. Jens' tinted windows were dark...... :ph34r:

Sunday morning we headed back to the port to catch our high-speed afternoon ferry back. I didn't get home until around 12:30am. I wish I had Monday off from work.... "very tired" :D

This was a great trip and we all had a fantastic time. It was great to meet new people from the club and get to know others a little better. :shifty: A big thank you to Mat and his family for their hospitality. ;)

Until next time........ B)

Some thoughts from the trip.....

Hmmmm V Poweeeeeeer :P

"That's a big car kit" :ohmy:

Andy's Italian friend at IBIS (where's that photo) :lol:

The lovely lady from IBIS :rolleyes:

Gordon and his 'do you want me to explain the rules to you' :shutit:

The snow... :crying:

The walkie talkies B)

"I spy with my japsai...." :driving:

Britney Spears video.... :whistling:

A small innocent comment changed my life forever :crybaby:

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This sounds wicked. Will there be a tour of the TTE factory like what was supposed to happen last year coming up?

Or was this it!!

im working on the new tour............

i will post details when anything is known, this takes some organising as i have to Liase with several Lexus HQ in different countries and TTE, of which TTE have to fit it in and around there work and F1 programme

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I'll ask again as it seems no one is telling,but Zee what have you had done to your car or are you not telling anyone.

Theyre F1 car was described by the Toyota technical director as an average engine at the weekend,how many times were they lapped....i lost count :P

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