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Has anyone experienced any issues whilst wearing a fitbit watch in their cars as I have , since getting one for Christmas on the 2 occasions that I have worn the watch the car has refused to start stating that I needed to put the car into PARK when it was already in this a glitch that can be sorted or should I just stop wearing the watch in the car.

Any ideas would be helpful

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I can't imagine the watch and the car problem are related.

The control systems in the car are all hard wired, the Bluetooth power in the watch is not going to be anywhere near strong enough to interfere with the car's primary systems. I can't see any electromagnetic radiation emanating from the watch could be strong enough to disrupt systems that normally operate in what is a very 'dirty' environment.  

Had you said you had problems with the phone connectivity or Bluetooth audio, maybe. 

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4 hours ago, ColinBarber said:

Sounds more like you have a partially flat 12v battery which is giving you these spurious warnings, and the Fitbit is a coincidence.


It's been cold out and our 1#v batteries don't like the cold!

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