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Have a friend that bought a second hand 450h and compared to my is250. 2006. the heater is not good, is this how it should be or is something wrong?

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I have a 2017 RX450h that I have had since end of August and have no problems with mine (same as the 2011 I had before it).

You have to let the engine warm up in order to get heat out of it but that is the same as any car and within 2 miles it is getting up to temperature inside the car.

On cols days when icy I start the car while clearing the ice off the car and put the heat directed to the windscreen so it is clear once I get in to drive it.

The heated seats are also set to automatic so linked into the Climate Control of the car so comes on full when it is cold then turns themselves down as the inside temp goes up.

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The heater in the GS450H is capable of cooking you, and your passengers when working correctly.
If the engine thermostat is stuck open this could cause the problem, but the temperature gauge would also show the coolant temp as low.
There is also an electrically driven heater circulation pump that if not running would give the problem. This is fitted because the engine in a hybrid is not always running so the engine driven coolant pump cannot be relied upon to pump the coolant to the heater..


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