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Hoping to buy the RZ450e when it arrives, hopefully later this year. Does anybody have any information about this vehicle.? I believe it is going to be similar to the Toyota BZ4X but even that hasn't appeared here on the Isle of Wight as yet.

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1 hour ago, NemesisUK said:

Must admit I thought it was last quarter 2022?

It wouldn't be wise considering they just launched new NX. I would say company would expect to allow 1-2 years breathing room before introducing car in the same segment. Unless RZ is somehow segmented completely differently from NX. So my guess is 2022 and 2023 would be left for NX, which was well received and I am sure sell very well. Then in 2024 or late 2023 they unveil RZ officially and start taking orders for deliveries in 2025.

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Toyota have been caught flat footed in the acceleration of BEV sales and are now scrambling to get some out to market, so I'd expect to see accelerated launch timing compared to what we normally see. The BZ4X doesn't have a launch date yet, except for sometime in 2022 and it will probably be towards the end of the year. I'd expect the Lexus equivalent to be 6 months behind, so in 2023 but it's just speculation at this stage.

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